The ‘Bazzinga!’ Report – Weekly News about your favorite TV nerds

Every Thursday night CBS brings us ‘The Big Bang Theory’ a sitcom created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady (also the minds behind ‘Two and a Half Men’). We love this show and we believe it is in its way to become the #1 comedy on TV one day. That’s why we have created The ‘Bazzinga!’ Report.

Every week (from Thursday to Thursday or by episode) we will create a new report (that will be constantly updated) with everything we can find about that week’s episode as well as all the news (spoilers, pictures, interviews, etc) that might come up in that same time. In this way you can keep up with everything ‘Big Bang Theory’.

We will also include our episode reviews, special videos related to the show (made by us – Geek4Tv) and some articles we might write about the show.

Hope you will enjoy! We will be posting the first ‘Bazzinga!’ Report really soon.

PS: In the meantime, this is ‘The Big Bang Theory’ official website. Also you might want to check

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