The ‘Bazzinga’ Report #2 – The Alien Parasite Hypothesis (4×10)

We are still in the anticipation for the episode The Alien Parasite Hypothesis which will air next week (December 9, 2010). This is our second ´Bazzinga´Report so be sure to also check The ´Bazzinga´Report #1 where you´ll find more photos and news (like Jim Parsons nomination to the Satellite awards, 10 gifts for ´Big Bang Theory´fans, where to vote for the People´s Choice awards, etc).

Here are some photos for next weeks episode The Alien Parasite Hypothesis.

Source: CBS Television Network



  • Well this is not that new but pretty recent. Here is Jim Parsons interview with Conan on Thanksgiving Day. He is just as funny and charming as always. You gotta love him!

  • And here is another interview with Jim Parsons at the Ellen Show on November 8th, 2010. It´s not a new interview but Jim Parsons´ interviews are always funny to watch again. Be sure to check his appearance on Sesame Street as well.

  • The Big Bang Theory is the most- watched show in Canada right now! Well at least a few weeks ago, but still that´s pretty awesome. Source

  • Even though this week´s episode (Dec 2nd) was a rerun it did quite well in the ratings. It still managed to tie with a new Bones for the top show among viewers for the hour along with the coveted 18-49 demographic. Source

  • I found this pretty interesting article about The Big Bang Theory. Basically it talks about the dynamic of the show and why it is so great. You might want to read it: The Idiot Box: TV Rocket Science

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