Modern News #9 – “Good Cop Bad Dog” (2×22)


Air Date: May 11th, 2011

Written By: Abraham Higginbotham and Jeffrey Richman

Directed By: Fred Savage

Guest Stars:Lin-Manuel Miranda as Guillermo


Sneak Peak:

May 4th 2011:

  • Nolan Gould (Luke) has joined the cast of Chiller’s first original telefilm Brian Keene’s Ghoul. Veteran actor Barry Corbin also joined the project. Gould will star as lead character, the fearless Timmy Graco, while Corbin will play his devoted grandfather, Dane. Based on the novel by Keene, Ghoul centers on a group of young friends who risk their lives to stop who — or what — is behind a handful of disappearances in their town. Production on the project has already begun in Baton Rouge, La., with the film set for a fourth quarter premiere on Chiller. Source
  • Congratulations to Nolan Gould (Luke), who has been chosen as one of TV Guide’s Season MVPs: The Year’s Best. Here’s what TV Guide said: “In a show full of talented and hilarious adult actors, Gould stands out — not just from the other children, but also from those who play his parents. While delightfully dim in many ways, Gould’s Luke might just be the smartest Dunphy of them all. Look no further than his use of a squirt gun to get Haley to study for proof.” Source
  • Here’s a behind the scenes of Modern Family’s Got Milk Campaign.
  • Check Sofia Vergara’s Diet Pepsi Commercial, which also features an appearance by David Bechham.

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