Modern News #6 – “The Musical Man” (2×19)

On the next episode of Modern Family, Cameron takes the job as the musical director for Luke and Manny’s school, Jay’s brother comes for a visit, and Phil convinces the family to be part of his new reality ad.

Synopsis: Cameron is relishing his role as interim music director at Luke and Manny’s school, and he’s taking on the upcoming spring musical performance with a little too much zest and fervor. Meanwhile, Jay’s brother, Tommy, is in town for a visit, and their relentless brotherly ribbing goes a little too far; and Phil convinces the family to be in his new realty ad, but when he goes as far as to wrap the family minivan in the ad, the results are unexpected, on “Modern Family,” WEDNESDAY, APRIL 13 (9:00-9:31 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network. Source

Air Date: April 13th, 2011

Written By: Paul Corrigan and Brad Walsh

Directed By: Michael Spiller

Guest Stars: Jonathan Banks as Donnie Pritchett, Megan Raich as Emma, Malachi Smith as Delroy, Troy Brown as windmill kid, Ryan McGilvary as singing kid no. 2, Alyssa Peterson as singing kid no. 3, Joshua Greene as singing kid no. 4, Max Katzman as singing kid no. 5, Miranda Barraza as singing kid no. 6, Adrian Schemm as singing kid no. 7, Victoria Madison as singing kid no. 8, Shayna Smith as singing kid no. 9, Kai Selexman as singing kid no. 10, Saundra Rin as singing kid no. 11 and Buddy White as singing kid no. 12.



Sneak Peak:

Ratings: To be posted after the episode airs.


April 6th, 2011:

  • On April 6th 2011, Eric Stonestreet visited The Ellen Degeneres Show in Orlando. Check some videos from the interview they shared.

March 24th 2011:

  • The six adult leads of Modern Family will appear on an episode of Inside The Actors Studio. . The six leads of the hit comedy — Stonestreet, Burrell, Julie Bowen, Sofia Vergara, Ed O’Neill, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson — will tape the episode May 16 in New York. Source
  • Production on the current season of Modern Family wrapped on Friday March 18th, 2011. Thanks to the all the cast, producers, writers, and the whole crew of Modern Family for the hard and great work of season 2.
  • On Tuesday March 22nd 2011, Eric Stonestreet (Cameron) was interviewed on Conan on TBS. Check the video below.
  • Spoiler alert!! The cast of Modern Family is about to get bigger and doggier. Yes, the show will introduce Bridgette, a dog. “We’re getting a French bulldog for me to hang out with,” reports Rico Rodriguez (Manny). “She’ll probably be in the last three episodes of the season and then in multiple episodes next year. She’s a very good listener and has fit in very well.” Source
  • More spoilers!! Julie Bowen (Claire Dunphy) talked about some storylines for the last batch of episodes from season 2. “Ty [Burrell] and I actually convinced the producers after much begging and pleading to let us do a couple of stunts of our own, which weren’t dangerous but they look ridiculous and they’re fantastic,” Bowen told. The reason of this is related to Alex’s graduation. Also, she mentioned that one of her favorite moments of the season is the Mother’s Day episode that’s coming up. “Sofia [Vergara] and I go hiking with our children and end up offending them, which always makes me laugh. And it’s touching, too. There are some really sweet moments.” Source

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