Modern News #37 – “Tableau Vivant” (3×23)

On the next episode of Modern Family, Alex‘s “living art” school project display may be in trouble if the family does not work together.

Synopsis: It seems everyone has a bone to pick: Jay and Gloria get on each other’s nerves while trying to simply order lunch at their local diner; Phil is put in the position of having to fire Mitchell; Cam and Claire have opposing theories on how to discipline children; and Manny is upset with Luke for accepting an award under false pretenses – all of which spells trouble for Alex who is counting on them to all work together for a “living art” school project display. Source

Air Date: May 16th, 2012

Written By: Elaine Ko, Jeffrey Richman and Bill Wrubel

Directed By: Gail Mancuso

Guest Stars: Mike Madrigal as teacher, Beth Grant as Maxine, Matt Roth as Skip Woosnum, John Viener as Matt Keneally, Angela Oh as realtor no. 1, Lisa Long as realtor no. 2 and Laird Macintosh as realtor no. 3.



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