Modern News #29 – “Aunt Mommy” (3×15)

On the next episode of Modern Family, drinking and oversharing may not lead to the best decisions.

Synopsis: After closing on the sale of a house to Mitch and Cam’s friends, Phil and Claire take the two of them out for a celebratory dinner where they proceed to over-indulge in drinks, which leads to some over-sharing, and finally results in waking up the next morning hung over and begging the question – if you’ll do anything for family, shouldn’t there still be a line drawn somewhere? Source

Air Date: February 15th, 2012

Written By: Abraham Higginbotham and Dan O’Shannon

Directed By: Michael Spiller.

Guest Stars: Rodrigo Rojas as Stefan, Colin Hanlon as Steven and Joseph Bonilla as Leon.



Sneak Peak:




  • Barry Corbin has been cast as Cam’s dad in an upcoming episode. Corbin will play Merle Tucker, who’s quite the opposite of Cam’s overly touchy-feely mother (Celia Weston) is described as a solid, masculine, Midwestern, gruff guy. Eric Stonestreet first tweeted a photo of Corbin at the table read on Thursday. Source
  • Disneyland, part of the ABC/Disney family, is being eyed as a shooting location for an episode to air during May sweeps. Source
  • In an upcoming episode the Fizbo the Clown story continues, when Bobby Cannavale guest-stars as the other half of the onetime comedy team known as Fizbo & Louis. “There was a bitter break-up, like Martin and Lewis,” Levitan shared. “And [he and Cam] get back together because they’re attending a funeral… of a clown mentor.”

One thought on “Modern News #29 – “Aunt Mommy” (3×15)

  1. The drunk scene between Claire, Phil, Cameron and Mitchell was one of the best and funniest moments of Modern Family. So great!

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