Modern News #26 – “Egg Drop” (3×12)

On the next episode of Modern Family, even an innocent school project is not safe from the Pritchett drive.

Synopsis: Luke and Manny have a big school project to design the best capsule that would protect an egg in a two-story drop, but when Claire and Jay catch wind of it, their own competitive drives kick in… and eventually take over. Meanwhile, Phil solicits the help of Haley and Gloria to sit as plants in the audience during a huge real estate presentation he has put together, and Mitch and Cam meet with prospective birth mothers and must try their very best to be charming and likeable. Source

Air Date: January 11th, 2012

Written By: Paul Corrigan and Brad Walsh

Directed By: Jason Winer

Guest Stars: Zoe Jarman as Lindsay and Jonathan Kehoe as Audience Member.



Sneak Peak:



    • Nolan Gould was interviewed on Ellen on Monday January 9th, 2011.

Nolan Gould was interviewed on Ellen on Monday January 9th, 2011.


January 10th, 2011

  • On next week’s Modern Family, toddler Lily somehow picks up the profanity “f–k.” This naturally horrifies her parents, Cam and Mitchell, who in particular fear she’ll blurt it at an upcoming bridal party. Lily is shown saying the word, but it’s not audible to the viewer. The episode’s title: “Little Bo Bleep.” It might be the first time in a scripted family broadcast TV series where a child has said the f-word. Source
  • In an upcoming episode the Fizbo the Clown story continues, when Bobby Cannavale guest-stars as the other half of the onetime comedy team known as Fizbo & Louis. “There was a bitter break-up, like Martin and Lewis,” Levitan shared. “And [he and Cam] get back together because they’re attending a funeral… of a clown mentor.” Source

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