Modern News #23 – “Punkin Chunkin ” (3×09)

On the next episode of Modern Family,

Synopsis: When an old neighborhood kid returns to town as a hugely successful internet billionaire, it gets Phil thinking of what could have been. Jay feels Manny could use a little dose of constructive criticism, and Cameron is offended when Mitchell questions the authenticity of his colorful childhood stories. It all comes to a head at Thanksgiving with the family divided between the “Dreamers” and the “Pritchetts” — and nothing settles the score like a punkin chunkin challenge. Source

Air Date: November 23rd, 2011

Written By: Ben Karlin

Directed By: Michael Spiller

Guest Stars: Josh Gad as Kenneth, Gretchen Morgan as Natalie and Aaron Krebs as Andy.



Sneak Peak:



  • Here’s an interview of Julie Bowen on Conan.


  • Modern Family has landed a major-name talent for a key guest role: Greg Kinnear is coming to the hit ABC series this season. In his first TV sitcom gig since he appeared on NBC’s Friends in 2003, Kinnear will play Tad — Phil Dunphy’s new business partner. Tad is described as a successful and athletic real estate broker, and Phil is extremely impressed by him. But Claire has quite the opposite impression of Tad. Source
  • Sarah Hyland (Haley Dunphy) teases about the Christmas episode to air on December: “We realize that the whole family is doing their separate things and this is the last day that we’re going to be together before actual Christmas starts, so we’re trying to do an Express Christmas thing. Meanwhile, we’re in bathing suits, so we’re going to have to pull it all together.” Source


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