Modern News #17 – “Phil on Wire” (3×03)

On the next episode of Modern Family, Phil attempts a death defying stunt.

Synopsis: The growing bond between man, Jay, and dog, Stella, is grating on Gloria’s nerves; Phil and Luke embark on a new adventure involving a tightrope, but it’s Claire with the missteps, as she tries to teach the girls a life lesson; and Cameron chooses the most inopportune time to start a juice fast. Source

Air Date: September 28th, 2011

Written By: story by Bianca Douglas and Danny Zuker, and teleplay by Danny Zuker.

Directed By: Jason Winer

Guest Stars: Justin Kirk as Charlie Bingham, Lusia Strus as Officer Blevin, Andres Londono as server and Jenica Bergere as Janet.



Sneak Peak:

Ratings: 13.45 million viewers (#1), A18-49: 5.7/15 (#1)


September 23rd, 2011

  • Check this interview of Julie Bowen on Jimmy Kimmel Live on September 21st, 2011.

September 22nd, 2011:

  • Congratulations to the writers, producers, cast, and crew of Modern Family for their 5 Emmy wins, including Outstanding Comedy Series. Well deserved.
  • Brothers & Sisters alum Gilles Marini will be hanging with some members of ABC’s Modern Family. In a Season 3 episode, Marini will guest star as Julian, a friend of a friend of Cameron and Mitchell’s whom they both assume is gay. That assumption, however, proves to be erroneous when the boys invite Claire (Emmy winner Julie Bowen) on a rare “fun night out” and end up leaving her with Julian –- and in short order it becomes clear that this fella is very, very straight. Source
  • Modern Family: The Complete Second Season was released on DVD and Blu-ray on September 20th, 2011. Be sure to buy a copy. Plus check some clips from the bonus features on the DVD and Blu-ray.


September 22nd, 2011:

  • About the Thanksgiving episode: The Dunphy and Pritchett families will come together for a little competition they call “pumpkin chunkin’.” “There’s a bet: Can they launch a pumpkin the length of a football field?” executive producer Steve Levitan tells us. Why a pumpkin chunkin’? “It’s something Cam used to do in his youth,” Emmy winner Ty Burell says, adding that this episode will also feature Book of Morman‘s Josh Gad as a former neighbor who was obsessed with Phil. Source
  • About David Cross, who comes on board this season to go toe-to-toe with Claire: “We have a very caustic relationship. He plays a town councilman who Claire Dunphy is not fond of, and we face off in the small town political arena,” Julie Bowen says. “He’s very, very funny.” Source
  • About Cam and Mitchell thinking on having another child: “It’s a story that will play out over the course of the year,” Ferguson tells EW. “A lot of people have to look to alternate means to expand their family, straight and gay couples. There is a lot of ways to do that, whether it be with a surrogate or my partner’s sperm in my sister’s uterus, which could happen. I’m not saying it’s a storyline, but it might be something they explore. Wouldn’t that be hilarious?” “It’s not a done deal [that we’ll get a baby] but it’s something they are exploring,” he adds. “I think this season will be about their struggle how to do that and how my character is maybe not as comfortable as having a son because he’s not the most masculine of people. He can’t throw a football like his partner Cameron.” Source

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