Modern News #11 – “The One That Got Away” (2×24) (Season Finale)

On the season finale of Modern Family, Jay just wants a quiet birthday, but the family has plans for a big celebration.

Synopsis– Jay wants nothing more than to have a quiet birthday out fishing on the lake, but the family take that as him wanting a big celebration, and in their frantic scramble to put everything together, Claire and Mitchell wind up trapped in the yard of their childhood home; Phil runs into his old college nemesis while at the mall with Gloria and Lily; Cameron gets himself into some hot water at the bakery, and the kids frantically do some creative editing on grandpa’s birthday video, all of which leaves Jay with a headache, on the Season Finale of “Modern Family,” WEDNESDAY, MAY 25 (9:00-9:31 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network. Source

Air Date: May 25th, 2011

Written By: Paul Corrigan, Brad Walsh and Dan O’Shannon

Directed By: Jim Bagdonas

Guest Stars:Rob Huebel as Glen Whipple and Mim Drew as shopper



Sneak Peak:

Ratings: To be posted after the episode airs.


May 24th 2011:

  • Eric Stonestreet was interviewed on Late Night with David Letterman on May 23rd 2011.

May 19th 2011:

  • In the this video, Eric Stonestreet (Cameron) gives us a little preview of the season two finale of Modern Family, which airs next week.
  • On Wednesday May 18th 2011, Julie Bowen was interviewed on The Late Show with David Letterman. Check the video below.

May 18th 2011:

  • Check this video compilation by Vulture where they named Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara as Quite Possibly TV’s Greatest Shouter. Source


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