Modern News #1 – “Bixby’s Back” (2×14)

Fresh from their DGA, PGA and SAG awards Modern Family returns with a new episode next week.

Synopsis: Phil and Claire assume their alter egos, Clive and Juliana, for another Valentine’s Day rendezvous. Meanwhile, Jay’s surprise for Gloria encounters one obstacle after another; and Cameron and Mitchell dispute an admirer’s intentions. Source

Air Date: Feb 9, 2011

Guest Stars: Jeremy Rowley as Broderick, James Greene as Old Man and Abraham Higginbotham as Delivery Man.



Rating: 13.1 million, 7.7/12, A18-49:  5.0/13 (Source)


Feb. 9th:

  • On tonight’s episode of Modern Family is Valentine’s Day which means ‘Clive Bixby’ and ‘Julianna’ are back. If you don’t know who they are you might want to check out season’s 1 Valentine’s day episode (super funny!). So this year Claire and Phil continue with their role-playing and this time it would be ‘Clive’ who gets a little “expose”: “Things go kind of smoother, and then… no,” Burrell reports. (…) you can expect to see Clive at one point “wearing nothing but a pair of socks and a champagne bottle over his genitalia. And apparently he’s gotten harrier,” Burrell reports, somewhat chagrined. “It really is not pretty…. It’s a lot of hair.”
  • Bowen says that role-playing around again was “stressful,” though for only the best reasons. “It was such an iconic episode for me last year, and I loved it so much,” she effuses. “We’ll have to see the final cut to see if we topped ourselves, but I think that ‘Clive’ certainly did.”
  • And more ‘Clive and Julianna’ for next year… “We’ve already talked about doing it again next year!”, says Burrell. “The writers were feeling like this is something we could easily bring back, and it’s something we love doing,”. “Luckily we have Valentine’s Day as a built-in reason.”


Feb. 8th:

  • SPOILER ALERT!Modern Family will stage its own high school musical for an episode set to air in spring. In the episode, Cameron (Eric Stonestreet) takes over the kid’s music program and “wants to introduce them to musical greats like Bernstein and Sondheim,” says Eric. “Luke gets stuck hanging on a wire for hours,” adds Nolan Gould of his character. Rico Rodriguez’s Manny plays several roles in the production, but he’s more excited about playing himself in the upcomingMuppets movie. The Muppets throw a telethon, and among the celebs manning the phones: Rico, Neil Patrick Harris, Selena Gomez, James Carville and Whoopi Goldberg. Says Rico: “I got to rub Sam the Eagle’s nose!” Source

  • Last weekend was another winner weekend for Modern Family. They won WGA for Television Comedy Series! And also the show was hosted by Modern Family‘s stars Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet.

Feb. 2nd:

  • Jesse Tyler Ferguson on Ellen.

  • Clive and Julianna return on Valentine’s episode: Julie Bowen’s all-time favorite scene will always be the kids walking in on Claire and Phil (Ty Burrell) having sex, but an upcoming episode may rival that excitement. “This year’s Valentine’s Day episode is pretty insane,” Bowen says. “It’s different than last year’s. Clive and Julianna are back, but Clive is in the more compromising position this time instead of Julianna.” Source

  • Nathan Lane aka Pepper Saltsman return: “Nathan Lane is coming back and we go for a boys’ night out,” Jesse Tyler Ferguson tells us. “My dad ends up crashing the party. I just read the script and it’s hilarious. We’ll meet some of our other friends then, including Longinus, the perfume guy, and they’re also casting another friend that we haven’t even met yet. I’m excited to see who that is going to be.” Source

  • Sarah Hyland on Ellen.

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