The Brothers Grimm Stories celebrate 200 years today!

A day like today 200 years ago, December 20th 1812, the first collection of folk tales (Children’s and Household Tales) by the Brothers Grimm was published. Their tales since have become some of the most popular stories in the world, translated to many languages (over 150), movie adaptations, tv inspire shows…

Since we are huge Grimm fans we couldn’t let this day go by and not acknowledge this date that mark the wonderful beginnig and legacy that the Brothers Grimm have left for us all to enjoy, even 200 years later!

Stories that have been portrait in Disney movies (with their respective adaptations), movies about The Brothers Grimm (Matt Damon and Heath Ledger, 2005), new modern adaptations in TV Shows like Once Upon a Time (ABC) and our favorite Grimm (NBC).

The bicentenary of the first edition of the Brothers Grimm will mark the beginning of the Grimm Year in Germany. This will go all through 2013 and will have its center in Kassel, the city where the brothers lived between 1798 and 1841. The first edition of the Children’s and Household Tales by the Brothers Grimm is included in the UNESCO Memory of the World Register.

Thank you Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, aka Brothers Grimm, for your longer than life stories and characters that have survived 200 years of the always changing world. Thank you for inspiring storytellers to share your stories with modern twists.

Happy 200th birthday to the Brothers Grimm tales!

So let us know what’s your favorite Brothers Grimm tale, character or adaptation… And be sure to visit our new site The Grimm Profiler (is still in the works but hopefully will be complete soon!)


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