Grimm: The Essential Guide ebook is Free Today!

Grimm: The Essential Guide is a companion reader for the NBC television show based on the Grimm Brother’s Fairy Tales.

This free ebook includes:

  • Learn about Homicide Detective Nick Burkhardt and the rest of the characters on Grimm.
  • FREE PILOT DOWNLOAD: Find a link in chapter 1 to download the pilot episode.
  • Watch the Season One Recap.
  • Enter Aunt Marie’s Trailer and view her mysterious artifacts.
  • Read the pages from the family journal passed down by generations of Grimms.
  • Navigate through the Creature Gallery and see their creepy transformations. 
  • View and maneuver 3D models used to design the mythical creatures.
  • See behind-the-scenes photos from the filming of the television series.
  • Watch an exclusive sneak preview of the Grimm season two premiere.
  • Be one of the first to see the terrifying new creature, Mauvais Dentes.
  • Meet the cast, test your Grimm trivia knowledge and so much more!
  • Both die-hard fans (aka Grimmsters) and curious newcomers will discover the ancient secrets of the supernatural Wesens that live among us in Grimm: The Essential Guide.

The free download is available for iBooks as an enhanced version which requires an iPad with iBooks 2, and a static ebook for the Nook Tablet and Kindle Fire.

Source: APPNewser