Is Toby really “A”? – Our predictions about Pretty Little Liars summer finale revelation

Last week Pretty Little Liars summer finale ended with a huge event, another member of the “A” team is revealed and it was no other than Toby. Yes, the prime suspect in most of season 1 who ended up redeeming himself to even become Spencer’s boyfriend.

I must say this revelation came as a surprise in some way or another. There are reasons to believe that Toby is indeed a member of the “A” team but maybe he is not. I’ll explain myself better with this reasons and predictions.

Once Spencer and Toby got “closer” in this episode I knew something was going to happen with him, either he gets seriously hurt (like Caleb did) or he is part of a huge betrayal (like it ended up being revealed to us).


Why Toby might be part of the “A” team?

  • He has always been portrait as a mysterious guy. Since the beginning he has had a dark side, he has always been mysterious. PLL EP Oliver Goldstick confirms Toby’s dark side:  ”Fans are going to learn more in 3B about Toby’s history, His motivation, and why he’d do this to the girls, is explored. … Just don’t put it past him, OK? He’s Jenna’s stepbrother, too.”
  • Everyone though he killed Allison and was treated like a criminal by everyone, including the Liars. He was threatened by Allison (Jenna’s video with Toby).
  • He is Jenna’s stepbrother so he might have been against the Liars all along, since they blinded Jenna.
  • Remember that Toby was avoiding Spencer for weeks leading up to “A”’s discovery in the Season 2 finale. Toby has been clued in that someone was torturing the girls and made the connection that that person might have been holding Dr. Sullivan. Still we never find out the whole connection of how he found her. He might know how to find her if he knew or was “A”.


Why Toby might not be part of the “A” team?

  • He helped the Liars spy on Jenna, he even stole Jenna’s phone.
  • He was almost a victim of “A”, his car suffer malfunctions (remember? This was when he was working on Spencer’s house?)
  • I know he was revealed to be the one in the black hoodie talking to an even crazier than ever Mona, but I believe he just got in the “A” team to figure out who “A” really is.
  • What Mona planned for that night with the Liars and Paige did not worked out perfectly. Is it just a coincidence or did Toby have something to do with it? My guess is no coincidence and Toby helped the Liars.
  • He might be really in love with Spencer and is really trying to figure out by himself who “A” is just like he told Spencer he would do before he leaved. And playing to be a part of the “A” team would be the perfect way to discover the mystery. We already know Mona is indeed part of the “A” team so it would have been easy for Toby to get in touch with Mona and join the team. He would be the perfect member: he is close to the Liars, and they trust him. “A” would love to add someone like Toby to his/her team for sure. And this is the entry way for Toby to figure out who has been “playing” with the Liars.
  • Even though Toby was revealed as “A” at the very end of the episode we see “A” (in the black hoodie) calling for Halloween tickets but his/her face was never revealed. We never see Toby really “working” for “A”. Why would they keep “A”’s face in the dark if we “already know is Toby”? My guess is because it’s not Toby.


My guess is that we will be let to believe that Toby is “A” for a while. They will show us reasons that make us believe he has been part of the “A” team all along, you know, showing us his “dark side”. Spencer will feel betray when she finds out keeping Spoby apart. Toby will have to play as being “A” even though he is pretending. In the end Toby might have to prove to Spencer in a big way that he is not “A”, that he was doing it to protect her.


Help me out with more reasons why and why not Toby might be “A”. Let us know what you think about PLL revelation? Do you think Toby is “A”? Who else do you think is part of the “A” team?

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