Got a Secret? – Who is “A” Predictions and crazy ideas…

Tonight’s season 2 finale of Pretty Little Liars will feature a MAYOR EVENT… How mayor? The BIGGEST EVENT EVER! We will find out who has been texting Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily… We will finally find out WHO IS A.


This upcoming revelation has been turning the Pretty Little Liars websites and forums related into predictions frenzy. And we decided to join the madness. Here are our predictions.

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Who do we think is “A”?

Jenna: Last week we discover that she can see, maybe she was blind for a while but recovered her sight little by little, therefor people around her did things thinking she couldn’t see but in fact she did. She was technically the perfect spy. Also she has a pretty solid reason to be mad at Emily, Spencer, Aria and Hanna; they with Allison are responsible for the going blind in the first place. Jenna’s return to Rosewood was the beginning of the texting.

Mona: She was ignored and treated badly by Allison and the girls. She might still hold a grudge over that. Also she so badly wants to be accepted specially by Hanna, she wants to be a part of that little circle of friends that still haven’t let her in, and being A gives her a chance to be involved in their lives in a twisted revenge kind of way. Also in the last few episodes when “A” texted her, it might have been her last attempt to get into the group and still she has not. I believe she is A and is trying to fool them by playing a victim and an ally.

Melissa: I believe Melissa and all the N.A.T. club are responsible of Allison’s death. We know Melissa hated Allison, she even confessed that she texted her about it. She could be A because she wanted to keep the truth about Allison’s death from coming out. The Hastings are a pretty twisted family so it would not be a surprise that Melissa could do this sort of things, specially to her sister (the one who broke her engagement, and kissed her baby daddy).

Jason: Lately Jason is not looking that bad since we find out he is Spencer’s half brother. He has come from being spooky to being even nice. I do believe he had something to do with Allison’s death but he has not recollection of the incident.

Lucas: I don’ believe Lucas is A but I do believe he has done things A told him to do; probably A threated him.

Noel: He might be one of  A’s  voluntary helpers.

Ezra: It would be shocking if he was A that’s why he is here. We don’t know much about Ezra’s back story so maybe there is something that links him to Allison and the girls. I always though it would be really excited if we find out that Ezra knew Jason, Ian, Melissa and Garret.

Maya: I personally don’t like her but that’s not why she is in the list. She might be one of  A’s involuntary helpers. Maybe she found out something of Allison while she was living in her house.

Garrett: He is now being framed by his former lover Jenna. He can be part of A’s team but I honestly believe he is not A. My guess is he and the N.A.T. club killed Allison and to cover their tracks he took the opportunity of Ian’s hanging in the church. He took Ian out of the church and convinced him to take responsibility of Allison’s death and then Garrett killed Ian.

Toby: From a scary big suspect to cute and devoted Spencer’s boyfriend. He has been so close to the girls that is just suspicious.

Mike: He was troubled but now he is getting better. My guess he was in love with Allison but he saw her with Ian. He might have witness Ali’s death by the N.A.T. club and was threated not to tell. That traumatic experience might be the reason the was so closed in on himself at the beginning.


And just for FUN here are some CRAZY PREDICTIONS.


The parents: Apparently all of them have secrets. But what makes them suspicious is how quick they were to break up the girls when they were so close to finding who is A. Maybe there is more scandals they are trying to cover up and the girls are making it hard and through A they are trying to tech them a lesson. Awful parenting, I know, but it would be so crazy.

Ezra and Aria: The love birds are taking their revenge on everyone who does not approve on them being together. Not many facts to base this one but Ezra and Aria talking in his apartment about the troubles they are causing by being A and laughing about it is a funny picture.

Spencer and Aria: Spencer killed Allison and the only one who knows is Aria. They get closer due to their twisted family problems and form an alliance in the form of A and start tormenting their friends and others. They include themselves in the texting victims just to make it more believable but at the end of the day they just laugh about their “pranks”.


So these are a few theories and predictions. What do you think? Do you enjoy them? Who do you think is A?


One thought on “Got a Secret? – Who is “A” Predictions and crazy ideas…

  1. Love the crazy predictions. I believe Mona is the most likely choice for A, but I hope the PLL writers surprise us with EzrA being A. So far, Ezra has been a character that is separated from the A storyline, so it would certainly give an interesting twist to Ezra plus the Ezria relationship. I agree that the NAT club is responsible for Allison’s murder. At least the wait is almost over.

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