Got a Secret? – The First Secret (2×13) (Halloween Event)

On the Halloween Event special episode of Pretty Little Liars, a prequel to the show let us see Rosewood when Allison was alive. It’s the Halloween before Alison disappeared and where all of the secrets and lies began for Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer

The streets of Rosewood are festive and little kids are running around the streets hoping for a good year of trick or treats and five best friends are looking forward to the biggest party of the season. It is the Halloween before Alison went missing and the only concern for Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer is to score an invite to Noel Khan’s Halloween party. But with a new girl in town to challenge Ali for Queen Bee dominance, Spencer possibly losing the class president election along with her parents’ approval, and a shocking revelation for Aria about her father – there may be more to worry about than finding the perfect costume. With all of the tricks and treats floating around Rosewood, there may be something more sinister waiting out there for Ali and her best friends. Source

After this special episode, the show will be on hiatus until January 2012, when it returns with 12 all new episodes to end the second season. But until then, enjoy this special brand new episode.


Air Date: October 19th , 2011



Sneak Peak:

Access Hollywood’s Behind the Scenes of the Halloween episode.

Ratings: To be posted after the episode airs.


October 6th, 2011:

  • Check out this Pretty Little Liars behind the scenes look called “Secrets Revealed: The Men of Rosewood”

September 26th, 2011:

  • Here’s a behind the scenes of Pretty Little Liars, hosted by Brendan Robinson (Lucas)


October 15th, 2011:

  • Here’s an interview with Brendan Robinson (Lucas), where she gives some spoilers about the Halloween episode.

October 8th, 2011:

  • Here’s an interview with Sasha Pieterse (Allison), where she gives some spoilers about the Halloween episode.

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