‘Gleekly’ Dose – Winter finale SHOCKER! 5 things I would hate to see happen with Quinn’s storyline

If you haven’t seen the episode and don’t want to be spoiled please do not continue reading this because mayor events took place last night.

So the mayor things you need to know about last night episode: Dave Karofsky tried to kill himself because everyone found out he is gay and was bullied about it, now he and Kurt are friends. New Directions wins Sectionals. Finn and Rachel decide to get married NOW, while Quinn is on her way to the wedding she gets in a car accident. CUT TO BLACK

WHAT? Was my first word after I finished watching the episode. I have a feeling that Quinn is not loved in the writers room, I might be wrong, but the girl can’t catch a break. First she gets pregnant, she becomes and outcast after having everything, she gives up her baby, tries to get her baby back, she goes all dark (well that was before she wanted her baby back)… and now that her life seems to finally get on a good track (she got into Yale) and has become a better person she gets hit by a car… WHAT? (I say again)…


I know Glee needed a cliffhanger and they definitely got it, this has been the most shocking event in Glee history! We still have to wait for like 6 to 7 weeks for the next new episode… that’s quite some time. Still some predictions have been popping up on the web about what will happen to Quinn.  For instance TVLine reports:

Considering that there are already photos circulating of Quinn in a wheelchair, I think it’s safe to assume that she will survive last night’s horrific car accident. The question you should be asking is what impact the experience will have not only on her but on [SPOILER].


If you can’t wait, you can find more of these SPOILER pictures here and here.


Which bring me to the reason of this post: 5 things I would hate to see happen with Quinn’s storyline.

1)    Quinn dies as a consequence of the accident (which I am 99.9% sure won’t happen)

2)    Quinn get serious injuries and either gets disfigure or with a disability (not being able to walk ever again)

3)    The accident was not real, either it was a dream sequence or part of someone’s imagination

4)    She gets amnesia

5)    She gets in a coma


I remember after watching the Michael Jackson episode I felt like it was Quinn’s farewell, which made me sad (because I like that character) but also made me glad that she was finally happy after all she has been through practically alone. And now this… Even though she probably won’t die I believe she won’t be back next season (maybe in a few episodes but not as a regular like Kurt, Rachel or Finn).


Before I forget if the event of a blonde girl being involved in a car accident seems familiar to another Ryan Murphy show that’s because it happened before in the series finale of Popular. Rumor has it they want to do that storyline with Quinn (what they would have told in Popular if it had not been cancel).


So no much more to say for now, I hope I can make an episode review of this one soon. Tell us what you think about this cliffhanger? What you think will happen?


UPDATE: I’ve been thinking that maybe what I will like to see happen is that Quinn’s injuries make her has to be in a wheelchair for a while and in that time she and Artie bond as friends. That would be a really cute friendship, no romantic stuff though cause she is leaving to go to Yale and Artie remains in High School (that would only lead to heartbreak).

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