‘Gleekly’ Dose – Paley Festival (March 16th, 2011)

Yesterday all the EPs and some of the cast (Matt, Jane, Cory, Chris, Amber, Kevin, Jenna, Mark, Naya, Heather and Darren) of Glee attended the Paley Festival where they gave a lot of scoop on the upcoming episodes. SPOILER ALERT!


Here is some relevant information and some videos of last night.


  • Later this season, Kurt and Blaine will be attending prom together.
  • Blaine would eventually follow Kurt to WMHS when he revealed that the Warblers’ lead singer would audition for New Directions in Season 3.
  • Murphy also confirmed that Kristin Chenoweth’s April Rhodes will be back later this season, and she’ll be belting out the Glee original, “It’s 10 am, I’m Drunk.” (She returns to pester Will Schuester after her all-Caucasian production of The Wiz crashed and burned and she’s now performing in a one-woman show called Crossroads.)
  • Murphy is making plans for Gwyneth Paltrow’s Holly Holiday to come back next season.
  • Glee has been granted the rights to Fleetwood Mac’s legendary “Rumors.” So an episode devoted to an album might be in the way.
  • Mercedes will get a love interest.
  • The Rachel/Finn/Quinn love triangle is a huge part of the rest of Season 2, Murphy offered. Cory Monteith, for one, says he thinks it’s more interesting when “Finchel” is apart.
  • Kurt will return to New Directions.
  • Both Murphy and Falchuk explained that while they love the Brittany/Santana dynamic, the focus will now be Santana’s solo journey as she comes to terms with her sexuality. Source



Paley Festival:


Other Videos:

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