‘Gleekly’ Dose – My predictions on what might happen to Miss Quinn Fabray

Ever since Glee’s winter finale shocker where Quinn gets into a car crash many expeculations have been going around. We want so badly to know what will happen to Quinn… Well I made up a few predictions basing them on some spoilers and comments I read. Check them out and tell me what you think.

I have a new theory of what might happen, this is due to a few spoilers and a recent comment of Dianna Agron during Paris Fashion Week. She said to WDD: “I don’t know, it’s just been such a thrill and a joy, and I miss it. I always say whenever the last day is, if it’s happened or not, because you know, they want me to be very hush-hush, I think the moral of the story is, this is what I’ve grown up with and this has really been my entryway to this whole career”.

It feels like she might already filmed her last episode, don’t you think? Or maybe she has been told by the Glee people to say things like this to kind of create more buzz. My guess is the first thing, otherwise she wouldn’t be traveling across the globe while the rest of the cast is working on the show. Or maybe Quinn won’t appear on all the remaining episodes therefor Miss Agron gets some time off. Still my prediction doesn’t look good specially cause I really like Quinn…

TVLine: Yep, you’re just one week into the show’s seven-week spring break, but know this: A Glee insider tells me that Season 3′s final six episodes will be “super-emotional — everyone cries when they read [the scripts] — in a good, satisfying way.” Now remember, kids, don’t text-and-drive! (Oh, and Glee returns April 10.)

E!Online: We also can say that Dianna Agron will return to the Glee set in some capacity, whether it is a dream sequence, a reduced role, a flashback or a flashforward, etc. We have it on good authority that nothing has been set in stone yet as far as the fourth season of Glee —including whether Dianna will be a series regular—so say a little prayer for Miss Quinn Fabray tonight!

My prediction #1 (not so optimistic for Miss Fabray): When we return to the next episode we get back where we left of, Finn telling Rachel to hurry up to get married. They get inside and Rachel’s phone rings and maybe she or someone else picks it up because the call is from Quinn’s phone. That person listens to the call and is in shock, we can’t hear what that person listens but you assume is something bad cause he or she looks at everyone else in shock. Then we flash forward two months or so and we see the kids going to the rollercoasters and Artie with Quinn watching the amazing wheelchair dancers. The episode continues like this only to revealed at the end that it was just someones imagination because in fact Quinn died in or after the accident due to complications… This is just on of my guesses of what could happen… what do you think?

My prediction #2 (I really what Quinn to get a happy ending): Quinn doesn’t die but is out of a few episodes (reduced role). We see her in a wheelchair but is not permanent, she goes to therapy (she won’t appear in a few episodes) and comes back for the very last episodes for graduation when she can actually walk, graduates and heads off to Yale (and we don’t see her anymore because she won’t be back in season 4).

I guess whatever happens happens, right? We can do anything about it. Anyway we want to say that we loved Quinn from day one, she is probably my favorite character. I really wish she gets a happy ending cause she has been through a lot… If this are the last or lasts episodes of Quinn whatever happens it will be bitter sweet… Anyway, we wish Quinn and also Miss Dianna Agron the best. We make a toast for Quinn  to be the best in Yale and for Dianna to have a wonderful acting career!

So what do you think? Do you agree or disagree with any of my predictions? What do you think will happen?

UPDATE 03/09: Alex Anders (music producer) posted a tweet that he was working with Dianna Agron and Samuel Larsen. This is great news to all Quinn fans who have been suffering since the winter finale and the photos of Quinn in a wheelchair… I’m so happy that she is still in the show and hopefully she will get a happy ending!


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