‘Gleekly’ Dose – Comic Con


  • Rachel, Finn and Kurt will be graduating, but this does not mean they are leaving the show.
  • We will find out who is a senior and who isn’t on the first episode of the upcoming season. My guess is Rachel, Finn, Kurt, Puck and Quinn are seniors.
  • Chord Overstreet won’t be back on Glee.
  • Mercedes will get a boyfriend for sure. It is someone who she meet over the summer and who really encourage and cheers for her.
  • Tina is not a senior, she is a junior.
  • Shelby aka Idina Menzel will be back in the second episode.
  • We will get to meet Mike Chang’s parents.
  • Coach Beiste will be back. Of course they have to have her back, she is an Emmy nominee (Dot Marie Jones).

Here are a few videos from the Glee panel at Comic Con. Credits to youtube channel .

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