Geek4TV Factory: Glee Live! 2010 (Video)

Exactly a year ago (May 20th, 2010) we were lucky enough to go and see Glee Live! in Los Angeles. In commemoration of that great experience we decided to make a little tribute video.


We travel more than 4,187 miles to see the show. We bought our VIP tickets the first day they came out (I must say I really do love “iloveallaccess”) so we were hoping for good seats.

The concert was at The Gibson Amphitheater in Universal City, it was a great place. We walk there to the pre-party, had some sodas and waited. ILoveAllAccess gave away some Glee souvenirs… we didn’t win anything but our luck was yet to come…


When we got inside the amphitheater to look for our seats, we were walking to the 10th row or something like that. We gave our tickets to someone to help us look for our seats and she told us we were in the first row! By then we were super happy.


Then we started walking through the first row to find our seats, finally we found them. We turned around to the stage to discover we were in the middle. First row center stage! We could not believe it, we were so happy. All of the miles we travel (and most of our savings spent) were worth it. We even got to take a picture with Ryan Murphy.


The concert as many of you know by now was amazing. It would be really hard for me to explain how great it was so I have to show you. Therefore I made a little video that we wanted to share with all the gleeks out there who couldn’t go to last year’s tour. This year we are not going to be able to attend the tour but if next year there is another tour we will try to go (starting our savings for that ASAP).


Before I leave you with the video I just wanted to say thanks to all the Glee cast, the crew and everyone involve in making the show. We really appreciate all your hard work. We also hope you get enough time during your hiatus to take a vacation, some rest or get involve in other projects, you certainly deserve that as well. Have a great summer and a great tour! And to all the gleeks attending the tour this year, have fun and enjoy the show!


So nothing further to say. Here is the video. Hey! Don’t forget to comment on it, we’ll love to know what you think. And maybe you have any suggestions for future videos we can make. Don’t forget to visit us again at
or follow as on Twitter @geek4tv

PS: Again sorry if my English is bad and grammatically correct (Spanish is my native language), hopefully you understand me 🙂

UPDATE: Unfortunately we had to remove the video from Youtube due to “copyright infrigment”. This makes us really sad because we worked so hard to edit this video and we were so happy to be able to share it with you. We still don’t understand why our video was removed due to “copyright infringement” when there are entire official songs on Youtube and a lot of videos from fans recorded on tour. Again really sorry that we can’t share the video anymore, if we find a way to upload it again and somehow avoid these problems we will.

9 thoughts on “Geek4TV Factory: Glee Live! 2010 (Video)

  1. i’m going to see glee cast in london this year buen i would like to know how many time did they sing?avec if they sold anything about glee before the show?THANKS and i really like your video

    1. hi leila. we are glad you like the little video we made! if you have friends who are glee fans, we will really appreciate if you can share the link of our post with them as well so they can watch the video too.
      about the concert, last year they sold many glee merchandising before the show (hats, t-shirts, cds, concert program, etc). be sure to get early because the lines to buy these might be long…
      have fun at the concert this year in london! and if you can share your experience (photos, videos, etc) with us we’ll really appreciate it 🙂
      take care

  2. sure i am going to share video with pleasure just wait the 26th june lol but do you remember how many long was the show?
    i really hope they will sell the big finger loser lol

    1. Last year’s concert was about 1 hour and 20 or 30 minutes long (just the actual concert with New Directions and appearance by Vocal Adrenaline). The pre-show with LXD was about 15 minutes (there was a little “free time” between the pre-show and the actual concert).
      Hope they sell the big “Loser” finger too 🙂
      We’ll wait for your comments on the concert. Have fun on June 26th!
      And keep coming back!
      PS: If you don’t mind, tell us where are you from and how did you find us?

    1. Hi Leila!

      How was the Glee Concert? We hope you had a great time!
      If you can share your concert experience with us (any video, photo, etc) we’ll really appreciate it.

      Take care

    1. we will be making more videos soon, so keep coming back!
      if you have any suggestions for future videos let us know…

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