‘Gleekly’ Dose – ‘Trouty Mouth’ is back when ‘New Directions’ goes to Sectionals in “Hold on to Sixteen”

Episode Synopsis: As McKinley High prepares to host sectionals, Finn tracks down Sam (Chord Overstreet) and persuades him to rejoin the glee club in an effort to beef it up. Meanwhile, Tina comes to Mike’s defense and encourages him to pursue his dream. Source

Original Air Date: Dec 6th, 2011

After his quite ‘dramatic’ departure from Glee late last summer, Chord Overstreet returns to reprise his role of Sam Evans aka Trouty Mouth. He is back thanks to Finn and Rachel, and will help New Directions with sectionals where they tackle no other than the Jacksons (Jackson Five)… You can see it yourself in the promo.


Overstreet teases to TVLine that the whole Sam and Mercedes ‘relationship’ that we never got to see develop will be address during his return. Now, does anybody knows if he is back for good or just a few episodes? My belief is that they are bringing him back and if it works they will try to keep him at least for the next season when a lot of the original cast graduates, so that we get to have a ‘familiar’ face.


I guess we will have to see what’s in store with Sam Evans, although he can’t dance he is a pretty good singer. I really hope they are bringing him back because they have a story to tell with him and not just to bring him back because they can. Check out Sam’s first return song in this same post (‘Previews).


What we can expect from this episode is a competition indeed, just check the preview where the Troubletones take on Survivor/I will Survive.


You can check out some pics on the episode on TVLine






They said this season will be about the main characters but now we are hearing Latin superstars Ricky Martin and Gloria Stefan are quiet possibly going to be on Glee… Whatever happened with the whole ‘back to basics’ idea they were saying at the beginning of the season? Am I the only one who is a little confuse? What do you think?

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