‘Gleekly’ Dose – Your ‘Glee’ Weekly News

We know that ‘Glee’ is a highly popular show; they are on the news all the time whether there is a new guest star, new character, new songs, storylines, spoilers, etc… you get the idea. So for all you ‘gleeks’ out there we have prepare this: Geek4Tv’s – ‘Gleekly’ Dose. Here you will find all the news related to your favorite glee club.

We are going to update it as the news, videos, photos, songs, episode reviews… start showing up. Hope you ‘gleeks’ will enjoy!

We will have one ‘Gleekly Dose’ per episode (maybe more if there is a lot of material), and we are starting with the Sectionals episode ‘Special Education’… we will be posting it really soon so check back again.

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