‘Gleekly’ Dose – Prom Queen (2×20)

On Glee‘s The Prom Queen is prom time in McKinley High and also Jesse St.James is back!

Synopsis: When the entertainment for prom falls through, Principal Figgins (guest star Iqbal Theba) asks New Directions to perform at the dance much to prom coordinator Sue’s dismay. Things get heated as the competition for prom king and queen draws closer, and Jessie St. James (guest star Jonathan Groff) returns. “Prom Queen” airs Tuesday, May 10 (8:00-9:30 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Source

Air Date: May 10th

* Spoilers about the episode and general spoilers about the show at the end of this post.

Are you excited about the “Prom” episode? What are you most excited to see? Who wins prom king and queen? What’s Rachel and Quinn’s fight about? Jesse’s return?… Let us know your thoughts on this episode whether it is your expectations or your opinion after you watch it…



PROM PORTRAITS (Source: yourdailygleenews)



Rachel and Jesse performance of Rolling in the Deep

Sneak Peek Jesse and Rachel

Sneak Peek Artie asks Brittany to prom


Behind the Scenes Teaser of Prom Queen

On Set with Lou Eryich (costume designer). You can see some of the prom dresses.

On Set with Zach Woodlee (choreographer)


Friday by Rebecca Black performed by Puck, Artie and Sam

Dancing Queen by ABBA performed by Mercedes and Santana

Rolling In The Deep by Adele performed by Jesse and Rachel

Isn’t She Lovely by Stevie Wonder performed Artie

Jar of Hearts by Chrisitna Perri performed by Rachel

I’m not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance with you by Black Kids performed by Blaine, Tina and Brittany


  • Glee’s Summer Tour will hit theaters in 3D on August 12! An August 12 release date has been set for Glee Live! 3D!, a concert film based on the cast’s upcoming tour. Explaining the film’s genesis, Murphy says, “We knew that not every fan who wanted to attend a concert would get that opportunity. Now… we’ll be able to bring the concert experience to movie theaters across the country in full three-dimensional glory. We promise every passionate ‘Gleek’ a cinematic experience that will have them singing and dancing in the aisles.” So all gleeks that can’t attend the tour you’ll have the chance to catch the concert in theaters, but remember it will be for only two weeks. Source




Spoilers about this episode:

  • EW: May 10: New Directions performs at the McKinley High prom and the dreamy-but-duplicitous Jessie St. James (Jonathan Groff) shows up. Source
  • Jesse’s back! Even though our first assumption would be that Jesse is returning to woo Rachel, he has another motive up his sleeve (which is most likely a leather jacket sleeve, of course). But don’t worry, Jesse’s motive isn’t evil. He’s just trying to help out a friend. Source
  • Jonathan Groff will be back on Glee! He will reprise his role of Jesse St. James for the  last 3 episodes of the current season. Groff exited Glee at the end of Season 1 when the Vocal Adrenaline frontman’s diabolical scheme to infiltrate and bring down New Directions was revealed. Next thing you know Jesse’s back with VA and Rachel’s heart is in tatters. “He’s back to apologize to Rachel,” confides a source close to the show, “and perhaps get her back.” Source
  • Glee extra revealed McKinley’s Prom Queen and King. Extra Nicole Crowther tweeted, “K is PQ and Ka is PK.” Wow. This basically means thatKurt (K) is the king and Karofsky (Ka) is the king. Is McKinley’s self-hating gay coming to terms with his sexuality and possibly going to end up with Kurt? Producer Brad Falchuk was VERY upset about this and  wrote, “@nicolecrowther hope you’re qualified to do something besides work in entertainment.” He followed that up with, “@nicolecrowther Who are you to spoil something talented people have spent months to create?” Given how quickly news gets out there is of course a chance the cast will have to reshoot because of spoilers, but either way it is amazing Glee was willing to make this huge statement about acceptance on their show. Source
  • Who’s Covering Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ on Glee? Though it’s Wednesday today, how about a little news on “Friday”? The hot rumor of the hour is that Glee’s prom episode will include a cover of Rebecca Black’s infamous YouTube hit “Friday,” and Vulture can confirm that and reveal an opposite-sex twist: The ode to fun, sitting in the back seat, fun, and fun will be sung by Kevin McHale, Chord Overstreet, and Mark Salling. (Though another rumor had returning guest star Jonathan Groff taking part, we hear he isn’t involved.) Who knows: Maybe if this attempt in covering viral video ditties turns out well, Ryan Murphy could talk Gwyneth Paltrow into a rendition of “I’m Zack”? Source
  • Kurt and Blaine will be attending prom togetherSource
  • Glee Wiki – Prom Queen Spoilers
  • Finn/Rachel scene in the hall. Finn tells Rachel he heard Jesse was coming back to perform with them at prom, and Rachel tells him that Will wants a break, so Jesse is there to help.
  • Sam, Mercedes, Rachel, and Jesse are going to prom together as friends not as couples. The scene also mentioned a prom budget.
  • Rachel tells Finn to get Quinn something simple (in terms of corsage), nothing that will distract from her face, and a light green ribbon to match her eyes.
  • Rachel also tells Finn that he needs to respect whoever she dates.
  • Santana and Dave Karofsky might go to the Prom together.
  • Mercedes is crying over not having a date to the prom. Rachel doesn’t have one either so she suggests they go together.
  • Jesse is actually helping New Directions this time. Why he is helping is unknown and how he comes to help them is unknown.
  • Finn and Quinn’s relationship will begin to unravel
  • There is a flashback to the 70’s and it involves an African American male and a pretty blonde girl.
  • Rachel will be going with a group of friends to prom.
  • Will and Emma will go to prom but it is unknown if they are going together.
  • Puck, Artie, and Sam sing Friday.
  • Friday will be sung with an “Opposite Sex Twist.”
  • Blaine and Kurt will start to face problems in their relationship due to being at separate schools, but according to the article that doesn’t change the fact that they deeply care for each other.
  • Rachel and Sam will dance together at prom.
  • There will be multiple dramas at prom. Finn will not be at prom the whole night.
  • Finn still has strong feelings for Rachel.
  • Rachel will have her hands full during prom, and there will be a short exchange with Sue.
  • Brittany attends the prom with Artie.
  • Finn and Jesse will fist fight over Rachel at prom and end up getting kicked out by Sue, who is a chaperone at the event.
  • Quinn and Rachel will not be chasing after them and stay to enjoy the prom.
  • Burt is in this episode.
  • Look for a very interesting Santana moment at prom.
  • The fight between Quinn and Rachel is supposedly due to the fight between Jesse and Finn.
  • What happens after Quinn and Rachel’s fight is more important then their actual fight.
  • For more spoilers on this episode go to Glee Wiki



General Spoilers:

  • Season Finale Song list revealed (Source):
  • TBA by TBA. Sung by Brittany, Rachel, Quinn, Tina and Lauren.
  • I Love New York/New York, New York by  Madonna/Frank Sinatra. Sung by New Directions.
  • As Long As You’re There by  Glee. Sung by Vocal Adrenaline.
  • Bella Notte from The Lady and The TrampSung by Puck, Sam, Artie, and Mike.
  • Pretending by Glee.  Sung by New Directions.
  • Light Up The World by Glee. Sung by New Directions.
  • TV Guide’s Season 2 Finale Preview:



  • May 17: Jessie helps New Directions prepare their performance for Nationals. (Should they be trusting him again?) But the big news is that someone will die. (The episode is titled “Funeral.”) May 20: It all comes down to this — New Directions heads to New York for Nationals! Source
  • TVLine: Sources confirm to me exclusively that this season’s penultimate episode, which bears the ominous title “Funeral,” is about the death of several things. One being a beloved character. The other being a major couple. Source
  • The dearly departed is female. And not named Emma. Source
  • Santana’s future with Brittany: “She’s definitely a lesbian,” Brad Falchuk tells us, forever putting to rest the question of her sexuality. Now that we cleared that up, Santana won’t be over Brittany anytime soon, so instead of dealing with it, she kind of runs from it. And she’ll be running into the arms of…a dude. Source
  • No Brittana in the near future since Artie and Brittany are still together and happy. This won’t make Brittana fans happy, but Kevin McHale tells us that Brittany and Artie will stay happy. “They work. I think in high school it can be very superficial and about the looks, but somehow Brittany sees through that,” he says. “And you wouldn’t think she would, but I think she genuinely does. And Artie was the first person to draw any type of emotion out of Brittany, which was big.” The couple that works together, stays together, I always say. Source
  • Both Murphy and Falchuk explained that while they love the Brittany/Santana dynamic, the focus will now be Santana’s solo journey as she comes to terms with her sexualitySource
  • The bosses over at Glee are looking to cast someone to play Jarod, a high school student with Down syndrome. Perhaps he’ll have some kind of relationship with Becky (Lauren Potter)? Source
  • Blaine won’t transfer to McKinley High until season 3, but apparently he will accompany New Directions to Nationals in NYC. Source
  • Blaine would eventually follow Kurt to WMHS. Source
  • On season finale cliffhanger: That’s negatory. I’m not saying the show won’t leave you with some questions to ponder over the long, hot summer. But the episode doesn’t end with an OMGWTF-type mind twister. Source
  • The last 6 episodes will revolve around New Directions battling Vocal Adrenaline and making trip to Nationals. Ryan confirmed that Charice has already been shooting scenes for this final arc of the season. Source
  • No word yet on Anne Hathaway’s guest roleWe asked the same question to executive producer/writer/director Brad Falchuk who tells us they are “trying to make it happen.” Apparently, Anne is some huge movie star and has other stuff to do? “She’s got a pretty tight schedule too, so we don’t know if it’s going to happen this season,” Brad says. Source
  • Murphy is making plans for Gwyneth Paltrow’s Holly Holiday to come back next season.
  • Mercedes will get a love interest.
  • The Rachel/Finn/Quinn love triangle is a huge part of the rest of Season 2Murphy offered. Cory Monteith, for one, says he thinks it’s more interesting when “Finchel” is apart. Source
  • As of right now, we can tell you Sam and Rachel is not happening, but Glee productions rolls on everyday, so we can’t say it’ll never happen. If those two do get together, then from what we understand based on other storylines, it’ll be a big twist that would cause a lot of problems for others besides Finn. We think it would make more of a mess than what the shock is worth, but Ryan Murphy certainly does love to make things sticky. Source
  • Patti Lupone is currently shooting scenes with Lea Michele and Chris Colfer in midtown Manhattan for the show’s Nationals-themed season finale. In the sequence, Rachel and Kurt run into the Tony winner at iconic eatery Sardi’s. “On set right now working with one of my all time idols,” Michele tweeted. “Another day where glee makes one of my dreams come true.” Source



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