‘Gleekly’ Dose – Funeral (2×21)

On Glee‘s Funeral a death of a beloved character and the end of a relationship.

Synopsis: New Directions continues to strategize their set list for Nationals with a little help from Jessie St. James (guest star Jonathan Groff). Meanwhile, an unexpected loss rocks the world of one of McKinley’s own. “Funeral” airs Tuesday, May 17 (8:00-9:30 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Source

Air Date: May 17th

* Spoilers about the episode and general spoilers about the show at the end of this post.

Are you excited about the “Funeral” episode? What will happen in the last episode before the finale? Who do you think will die? Which couple will break up?… Let us know your thoughts on this episode whether it is your expectations or your opinion after you watch it…

Cast: Matthew Morrison as Will Schuester; Jessalyn Gilsig as Terri Schuester; Jane Lynch as Sue Sylvester; Lea Michele as Rachel Berry; Cory Monteith as Finn Hudson; Jayma Mays as Emma Pillsbury; Dianna Agron as Quinn; Chris Colfer as Kurt; Kevin McHale as Artie; Amber Riley as Mercedes; Mark Salling as Puck; Jenna Ushkowitz as Tina; Naya Rivera as Santana Lopez; Heather Morris as Brittany S. Pierce; Mike O’Malley as Burt Hummel

Guest Cast: Jonathan Groff as Jesse St. James; Harry Shum as Mike Chang; Chord Overstreet as Sam Evans; Ashley Fink as Lauren Zizes; Iqbal Theba as Principal Figgins; Josh Sussman as Jacob Ben Israel; Lauren Potter as Becky Jackson; Darren Criss as Blaine Anderson; Max Adler as Dave Karofsky; Charlotte Ross as Mrs. Fabray






  • Pure Imagination from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. Sung by Kurt, Finn, Artie, Tina and New Directions.
  • My Man from Funny Girl. Sung by Rachel .
  • Try A Little Tenderness by Otis Redding. Sung by Mercedes.
  • Some People from Gypsy. Sung by Kurt.
  • Back To Black by Amy Winehouse. Sung by Santana.


  • Glee is on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter, they take a look at this season’s finale episode – FIRST LOOK: Glee’s Biggest, Craziest, Most Expensive Show Ever. Article here and more photos here.


Spoilers about this episode:

  • May 17: Jessie helps New Directions prepare their performance for Nationals. (Should they be trusting him again?) But the big news is that someone will die. (The episode is titled “Funeral.”) Source
  • The kids might be formulating a winning set list strategy, but not all is so hunky-dory within the walls of McKinley as one of the kids experiences the death of a loved one. Source
  • TVLine: Sources confirm to me exclusively that this season’s penultimate episode, which bears the ominous title “Funeral,” is about the death of several things. One being a beloved character. The other being a major couple. Source
  • The dearly departed is female. And not named Emma. Source
  • Question: On the upcoming Glee death… I’m not asking for a total reveal, but will the death be a student or adult? The suspense is killing me, and I already don’t know if I want to watch the episode! — Matt
    Ausiello: Adult. BTW, there will be two characters bidding farewell in this week’s episode — one permanently and one only possibly permanently. Chew on that. Oh, and while we’re on the subject of Glee, reports of the show’s ratings downturn have been greatly exaggerated. While the numbers have been down in recent weeks compared to its season average, DVR data shows viewers are still tuning in — just later. For example, the show’s 18-49 rating from last week’s prom episode surged a whopping 32 percent when Live Plus 3-data was factored in. Take note. Source
  • According to this source (which is pretty reliable in many Glee spoilers) it says that the death in this episode will be Sue’s sister Jean.
  • Glee-Wiki: Funeral Spoilers
  • Ausiello has confirmed that Jesse will be back in this episode and will stay on the show until the season finale.
  • There will be a death of a beloved character in this episode. It’s not Karofsky, nor anyone from New Directions. This also means it cannot be a relative nobody has seen before since they would not be beloved at the time of their death.
  • Glee Executive producer, Ian Brennan isn’t spililing: “Sunshine will play a big role in the last two episodes”, referring to the Nationals Episodes.
  • Glee is looking for someone to play Becky Jackson’s mother (Donna Jackson) and a priest.
  • A “major” couple will break up.
  • An image of Sue hugging Becky has been released. Meaning Becky is most likely not the one to die unless it occurs after the scene. The big question is: is Becky comforting Sue or is Sue comforting Becky?
  • Two sources tell now that Finn breaks up with Quinn after he finds out that she slapped Rachel.
  • Jean, Sue’s sister, won’t be in this episode according to the press release.
  • According to a french sources, Mercedes, Santana and Rachel will audition for having the solo at Nationals in front of Will et Jesse.

  • Gleetastic Spoilers:
  • -No stunts, no hoaxes, no dreams: this is a real loss, and one deeply felt.
  • -It’s not another canary-cide, like poor-but-barely-mourned Pavarotti. No, this is someone we’ve grown to care about, and they will be missed.
  • -The big reveal comes fairly early in the episode, so brace yourself.
  • -The fallout from the death could permanently change the entire dynamic at McKinley.
  • -And unless you are truly made of stone, you’d better have some tissues handy. For the whole episode.
  • Yes, the tragic passing isn’t the only loss the episode has to offer: MultipleGlee couplings are looking awfully wobbly, and at least one of them will be kaput by the final credits. And another old spark just may be rekindled — but with who?
  • -“Fondue for Two” shout-out!
  • -New addition to the League of Doom!
  • -Topical reference to Libya!
  • -And a Cheerio turns in her pompons!

General Spoilers:

  • Season Finale Song list revealed (Source):
  • TBA by TBA. Sung by Brittany, Rachel, Quinn, Tina and Lauren.
  • I Love New York/New York, New York by  Madonna/Frank Sinatra. Sung by New Directions.
  • As Long As You’re There by  Glee. Sung by Vocal Adrenaline.
  • Bella Notte from The Lady and The Tramp. Sung by Puck, Sam, Artie, and Mike.
  • Pretending by Glee.  Sung by New Directions.
  • Light Up The World by Glee. Sung by New Directions. Hear it here.
  • For Good from Wicked. Sung by Rachel and Kurt. Source
  • Still got Tonight from Matthew Morrison’s new solo Album. Sung by Mr. Schuester. Source

  • May 20: It all comes down to this — New Directions heads to New York for Nationals! Source
  • Adam Anders confirmed on Twitter that they doing a crazy mash-up. Source
  • Ryan Murphy revealed: “In Act 6 of the ‘Glee’ finale there are four plot reveals — all about relationships, moving forward and resolving some — which will hopefully keep the audience interested over the summer. … It’s one of the reasons why I wanted to delay publication of the script — those things get out, though, in this day and age you can’t keep anything secret.” Source
  • It’s been reported that the finale will feature such iconic landmarks as Times Square, Tiffany & Co. and Central Park, and that one of the big numbers is a mashup of ‘New York, New York’ and ‘I Love New York.’ Source
  • Santana’s future with Brittany: “She’s definitely a lesbian,” Brad Falchuk tells us, forever putting to rest the question of her sexuality. Now that we cleared that up, Santana won’t be over Brittany anytime soon, so instead of dealing with it, she kind of runs from it. And she’ll be running into the arms of…a dude. Source
  • Both Murphy and Falchuk explained that while they love the Brittany/Santana dynamic, the focus will now be Santana’s solo journey as she comes to terms with her sexuality. Source

  • The last 6 episodes will revolve around New Directions battling Vocal Adrenaline and making trip to Nationals. Ryan confirmed that Charice has already been shooting scenes for this final arc of the season. Source
  • Mercedes will get a love interest.
  • The Rachel/Finn/Quinn love triangle is a huge part of the rest of Season 2, Murphy offered. Cory Monteith, for one, says he thinks it’s more interesting when “Finchel” is apart. Source
  • As of right now, we can tell you Sam and Rachel is not happening, but Glee productions rolls on everyday, so we can’t say it’ll never happen. If those two do get together, then from what we understand based on other storylines, it’ll be a big twist that would cause a lot of problems for others besides Finn. We think it would make more of a mess than what the shock is worth, but Ryan Murphy certainly does love to make things sticky. Source
  • Patti Lupone is currently shooting scenes with Lea Michele and Chris Colfer in midtown Manhattan for the show’s Nationals-themed season finale. In the sequence, Rachel and Kurt run into the Tony winner at iconic eatery Sardi’s. “On set right now working with one of my all time idols,” Michele tweeted. “Another day where glee makes one of my dreams come true.” Source

Spoilers on Season 3:

  • Ryan Murphy told THR: It’s senior year, and we’re writing toward an ending that’s very emotional and dramatic. I’ve always been adamant that the show should be real in terms of timeline. Next year, there will be four new castmembers, kids that come in with their own stories. We’re hiring five new writers who start in June. I believe in the law of physics: You go from being an underdog to whatever the show became — award-winning. Source
  • Ryan Murphy told ‘THR’ that season 3 of ‘Glee’ will feature only — gasp! — one tribute episode. “I don’t want to reveal what the tribute is about,” Murphy says, “but we finally got permission.”
  • Blaine won’t transfer to McKinley High until season 3, but apparently he will accompany New Directions to Nationals in NYC. Source
  • Blaine would eventually follow Kurt to WMHS. Source
  • Murphy is making plans for Gwyneth Paltrow’s Holly Holiday to come back next season.

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