´Gleekly´Dose – “A Very Glee Christmas” (2.10) – SONGS and VIDEOS

In this post of the ´Gleekly´Dose I will be posting all the media related to the Christmas episode (sneak peeks, teasers, promos, songs, behind the scenes, etc). Every media related that I could find I´ll post it here.

However if you are interested in some Glee news you might want to check out the other ´Gleekly´Dose posts, the two latest being: ´Gleekly´Dose – “A Very Glee Christmas” (2.10) – NEWS where you´ll find all the latest news and ´Gleekly´Dose – “A Very Glee Christmas” (2.10) , where you´ll find the promo of the episode, some photos and older news from this week.

So if you can´t wait til tuesday and you want a little Glee christmas preview click on this post…

Here is a recap of the episode from EW: ´Glee´recap: Holiday Spirit. Also check out: Here´s to a ´Glee´-ful holiday season


Glee-Wind: A Very Glee Christmas

You can check out the Behind the Scenes video of this episode here. I´ll try to put it in this post later.

Teaser for the episode “A Very Glee Christmas”, don´t forget it airs Dec. 7th on Fox.

Preview of Chris Colfer and Darren Criss singing Baby it´s cold Outside.

Preview of Lea Michele performing Merry Christmas Darling.

Just in case you missed the first promo of the episode here it is again.


The songs that will be performed in the episode are (Source):

1. Tina, Mercedes and Kurt, ‘We Need a Little Christmas’ (from ‘Mame’)
2. Kurt and Blaine ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’ (Frank Loesser)
3. Lauren and New Directions, ‘Welcome Christmas’ (from ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’)
4. Rachel, ‘Merry Christmas Darling’ (Carpenters)
5. Rachel, Finn and New Directions, ‘Last Christmas’
6. New Directions, ‘Deck the Rooftop’

MTV did a review of one of the songs of the christmas episode (Last Christmas): ´Glee´Gets Wistful With Wham!´s ´Last Christmas

To get you in the Christmas spirit in early December here are some Glee Christmas songs. Enjoy!

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