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I planned to have the ´Gleekly´Dose – “A Very Glee Christmas” – Part #2 after the episode aired next week. However more Glee news are coming up faster than I thought therefore here is the Part #2 (and by the speed the news and more Glee material is appearing I guess we will have at least four posts until we arrive to the episode). Anyway the important thing is that we can help you find out more about your favorite glee club even if we have to make tons of posts.

I didn´t think there was so much Glee material in a week  so I thought one post per episode would be enough but I couldn´t be more wrong. Anyhow I´ll work on a new way to organize the ´Gleekly´Dose posts so that you can find all the Glee stuff  you want to know in an easier way.

Don´t forget to check our earlier post ´Gleekly´Dose – “A Very Glee Christmas” (2.10) for previous Glee material you might find interesting (photos, promo, news, synopsis).


  • So here it is the much anticipated performance by the Glee Cast on UK´s The X Factor. Enjoy!

  • Don´t believe the rumors of Eminem´s guest appearance on Glee, it is totally not true. The source of that news is unreliable, a satire site called Weekly World News. So the rapper´s guest appearance is without a doubt fake. Source

  • In case you missed Chris Colfer´s appearance on Conan on November 29th.

  • Darren Criss will visit co-star Charice´s home country, the Philippines this December. He will appear at Manilla malls Greenbelt and Trinoma on December 21 and 22, respectively. He will be signing some songs as well as meeting fans and signing autographs. So if you are in the Philippines you might want to go and see live one of Glee´s newest star.  Source

  • The Glee Cast landed in London (Dec 3rd) for their scheduled performance on The X Factor (Dec 5th). I am not a fan of paparazzi photos but still if you want to take a look at their London arrival here is the link: Glee Cast Photos: London Calling! By the way Chris Colfer and Darren Criss won´t be performing with the cast, they had to stay in LA and film some scenes with the Warblers (Chris Colfer confirmed it on his twitter account).
  • Glee cast totally happy about their much anticipated appearance in The X Factor semifinals show this Sunday Dec 5th. Don´t forget to watch them perform and also read what they had to say about their London trip here.

  • The website BabyCenter just released their annual list of the most popular baby names in America an a couple of Glee names made the list: Quinn and Finn. Source

  • Luke Edgemon, a former American Idol contestant (he auditioned several times for AI and last season he made it to Hollywood Week) has been cast as one of the members of the Dalton High School Warblers (the glee club home to Kurt and Blaine). Source

  • Cory Monteith lands new movie role! Fox 2000 has confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that he will star in an upcoming film currently untitled but described as a “workplace comedy”. Apparently he will not only star in the movie but will also serve as a producer along side with Bruce Nash and Robert Kosberg. Source
  • Two more shows for London. Glee added two more O2 Arena/London shows for their upcoming European Tour. Go to gleetour.com to find out more. Source
  • Darren Criss and Jenna Ushkowitz talked to HollyScoop.com about their upcoming european tour with the entire Glee cast.

  • So you might know by now that Katie Couric is confirm to guest star on the Febuary 6th episode of Glee (the post superbowl episode). But what you might not know is that Matthew Morrison did an interview with the CBS Evening News anchor that will be aired on Dec. 5th. So be sure you watch! Source

  • Entertainment Weekly just released two exclusive videos of the christmas episode: Chris Colfer and Darren Criss duet Baby it’s Cold Outside and Lea Michele singing Merry Christmas, DarlingSource
  • So when I first found out that the original glee clubbers will most likely leave the show in 2012 I was quite sad (even though I knew that will happen eventually). However Lea Michele stays positive about the idea of potentially being written of the show in 2012. She said to HollywoodLife.com “Maybe I would come back as a teacher on Glee. Even though I think she is great in the show I would like her character, Rachel Berry, to move forward after she graduates. (Rachel says she wants to be a star so I would love for her to go to Broadway or something like that. She needs to pursue her dream even though when the time comes we would miss her dearly).
  • Lea Michele also talked about their Grammy nominations and her work on the show in the interview with Hollywood Life at the Billboards´s Fifth Annual Women in Music Event in NYC where she was given the Triple Threat Award. She told MTV “I’m so happy, especially that it’s for ‘Don’t Stop Believin’,’ which is for the whole cast, so that we all get to go. That’s just awesome.” Again Congrats!
  • Here you can find some photos of Lea Michele at the 5th Annual Billboard´s Woman in Music event held at The Pierre Hotel in NYC.
  • You can find everything related to Lea Michele´s Triple Threat Award (photos, article, videos of her acceptance speech and interview) here: Glee – Lea Michele Wins Triple Threat Award from Billboard

  • Source: Just Jared

  • In the interview Ageing Glee stars face the axe, says show creator Ryan Murphy that started the topic of some of the stars leaving the show at the end of 2012 Ryan Murphy said  “Every year we’re going to populate a new group (…)” which of course started this season with the incorporation of Chord Overstreet as Sam and will definitely continue in the years to come (of course you know about The Glee Project by Oxygen and its auditions, if not click on the link to find out more). Anyway, somehow all these gives me the feeling that maybe not everyone from the original cast will return in the next season and maybe a gradual departure will start sooner than we expect (I really hope I am wrong and this is just a bad feeling I am having about all of this).

  • Teen.com has just premiered a new video series starting Glee´s Sunshine Corazon: Charice. The series 30 Days with Charice follows her during her 18th birthday and also the release of her new album. Watch the series at Teen.com. We leave you with the trailer.

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