´Gleekly´Dose – Spoilers #1 (dec 1st to dec 12th)

Since Glee is a very much talked about show in the media, between rumor guest stars, possible performances, etc. We decided to create a post of the spoilers only, therefore ´Gleekly´Dose – Spoilers. It will have more post or parts (#2,#3, #4… you get the idea) as we get to discover more spoilers running around in the media.

You must know that the spoilers are not necessary true, they might happen but we can be sure (mainly cause not all of them come from an official source). Any way if you are interested in finding out what could happen on the show keep reading the post but if you don´t want to be “spoiled” you might want to check out our other ´Gleekly´Dose posts.

Spoiler Alert!

The order of the spoilers are from latest (up) to oldest (down).

Dec. 12th:

  • Spoiler for the upcoming Valentine´s episode that will air Feb. 15th: The episode was confirmed in a German interview with Ryan Murphy. The part in question translates to as follows: [Talking about how songs get chosen] But of course we first have the scripts with the theme and story of the episode. Then we see what songs would fit and what we would like to see performed. That’s how we did it in the planning for the Valentine’s day episode, in which we will be featuring the best lovesongs of all time. Source
  • If this on-set report is right we will be hearing Michael Jackson´s Thriller joined by Heads Will Roll from the Yeah Yeah Yeah on the post superbowl episode. Source

Dec. 10th:

  • A photo of the cheerios and the BMX riders. Source

  • For full size pictures of the cheerios on set for the superbowl episode go here.

  • It seems that the spoiler about the girls being on the football team might be true, well at least Rachel Berry according to these photos. Lea Michele (Rachel) joined Cory Monteith (Finn) and Chord Overstreet (Sam) on the football field in full uniform while filming scenes for the show yesterday. Also there was Chris Colfer (Kurt) and Darren Criss (Blaine) on the stands during the game. Go to the source (JustJared.com) of these photos to find more pictures from last night´s taping.

  • Insider TV spoiler:

Rebecca L. asks: Is there any hope for Finn and Rachel to get back together on Glee or are they over for good?
Are you sitting down? Because you should be sitting down. According to a Glee source, the pair is done…for now. But you know a popular hunk like Finn doesn’t stay on the market for long. My source tells me: “Rachel will [be] spending much of her time trying to get him back…just like in The Way We Were. The big question is: Now that he’s free, will Quinn dump Sam for Finn?” Source

Dec. 9th:

  • Some Superbowl episode spoilers, I am not sure if this is true but still you might like to read it: The girls are on the football team (Rachel, Tina, Mercedes) and they are supposed to lay down and not really play, but then the ball fumbles right by Tina and the coach is like “pick it up, pick it up!’ so Tina picks it up and starts to run and when she gets half way down the field she gets tackled lol. Coach Beiste recruits them and some of the football players like Karofsky won’t play because of the girls – they will be in the stands. And apparently Beiste also makes the football players join Glee. Source

  • New pictures from the superbowl episode from website Gleezone (the last picture is from JustJared.com)

Dec. 8th:

  • A couple of pictures from the superbowl episode have appear. Apparently the Cheerios are doing a Katy Perry song (California Girls, maybe). Source

Everything from here until the end of the post is from before Dec. 8th, 2010.

  • Harry Shum Jr. talks Rachel – Finn breakup and a possible Mike – Brittany pairing. Source

  • Michael Ausiello, who currently is reporting for Movieline, reported that the Dalton Academy Warblers will indeed be performing Destiny´s Child tune Bills, Bills, Bills during the superbowl episode set to air Feb. 6th. Source

  • Now that Rachel and Finn have broken up, there might be some Puckleberry in the future (whether we don´t know if it will be as friends, friends with benefits or more). Source

  • Jane Lynch reveals Katie Cuoric´s song for the superbowl episode. She´ll be doing a dance with Mr. Schue, Tea for Two from the 1925 musical No, No, Nanette. Source

  • It´s official, Katie Couric will guest star on Glee as herself. Source

  • John Stamos (Carl) will appear in at least four more episodes this season. That could be longer depending on the fans respond over the love-triangle story. Source

  • Songs to be performed at the Superbowl (2×11) that have been confirmed_ Thriller by Michael Jackson, a song by Lady Antebellum and one from The Black Eyed Peas.

  • This is some speculation for the upcoming superbowl episode (2×11): Apparently Quinn quits Glee Club for The Cheerios. Finn gets mad, yells at her. Finn and Sam fight because he says Finn is yelling at her like she’s his girlfriend, and then Schue pulls them apart. End of episode Quinn quits Cheerios for good, apparently wearing a ridiculous outfit only she’d look cute in, and she gives Finn a lingering kiss on the lips.

  • Spoilers for episode 2×12 (not confirmed by any official source): Tate Donovan (from The OC and Damages) will be directing the episode. The Warblers will be perfoming Destiny´s Child (Bills, Bills, Bills…). By the way the source of this is Twitter.

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