Friends’ 20th anniversary!


Today is a very special day for Friends’ fans and tv fans in general. Exactly today 20 years ago, NBC aired for the very first time the pilot episode of Friends.

On September 22nd, 1994 we met for the very first time a group of 6 friends in their mid 20’s living in New York city, learning about life, love, relationships…

The Pilot episode of Friends was seen by 22 million viewers and it would start a worldwide phenomenon. It is in syndication in many countries and still airs even after 10 years of it coming to and end.

Friends  had 10 season and produced 236 amazing episodes! Today, 20 years ago we welcome the first one!

Happy 20th birthday Friends!

The One with 236 Seconds

To celebrate the Friends 20th anniversary, Warner Bros UK made this amazing video: The One with 236 Seconds.

FriendsatCentralPerk – Blog

If you are a Friends fan, visit our Friends dedicated blog: FriendsatCentralPerk, where you’ll find everything related to one of the most successful sitcoms of all time.


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