TV News: Gilmore Girls movie confirmed by Matt Czuchry?

UPDATE: Sadly, this was just a rumor. The guys from TVLine and former Gilmore Girl’s actor Matt Czuchry were just teasing the fans of the show about the making of a Gilmore Girls movie. There is no movie in the works, I just wanted to clear that up. Anyhow, if you still want to read this article you are more than welcome to do so (here you have the interview with Matt Czuchry and a couple of Gilmore Girls related videos you might enjoy).

I am a huge Gilmore Girls fan and I cannot believe I didn’t know this before, I mean I heard rumours but nothing confirmed (anyone?)…

On an interview with TVLine, Matt Czuchry aka Logan Huntzberger confirmed that they are in the final week of production for the Gilmore Girls movie. So believe it or not, a Gilmore Girls reunion movie MIGHT be in our near future. I say “might” because is pretty odd that a news like this would not come out sooner, so maybe they are just teasing us… Who knows? Just have to wait for an OFFICIAL announcement to be completely sure I guess. Anyway here is the interview (pay attention on 6:28).

Still cannot believe that this was not announced sooner which makes me wonder if it’s true. But anyway if it is true this is great news for Gilmore Girls fans, right? So do you believe there is a GG movie in the works or is it just the TVLine guys and Matt Czuchry teasing us? Will you like a GG movie? Are you happy about this POSSIBLE Gilmore reunion movie? What are you expecting to see? Will you watch it? Share your thoughts with us.

Also here is an interview from October 2010 of the GG’s reunion for EW photoshoot you might like.

8 thoughts on “TV News: Gilmore Girls movie confirmed by Matt Czuchry?

  1. Heck yeah…. im the biggest gilmore girls fan… luke and lorelai needs to get married and so does rory and logan….bring on the gilmore girls reunion

    1. Hi Karen! I am a huge Gilmore Girls fan as well. I didn’t realize how much I missed this show until I started re-watching every single episode about a month ago… and I am already in the last season!
      I guess a movie reunion would be nice because the whole series ended up abruptly and many fans where a little disappointed with the ending…
      Here are some old articles you might find interesting:
      And this is a recent article:

  2. do all realize that they were being sarcastic, right? If you follow Michael Ausiello’s twitter at all, he and his followers joke about this idea all the time. It’s a hope of all the longtime fans of the show that a movie would be created, but one has never even been confirmed, let alone filmed.

    1. Yeah… Sadly I know they were just teasing us fans with this idea, that’s why I said “might” 🙂
      To be honest I don’t think there will ever be a “Gilmore Girls” movie. But I do believe there will be rumors about it from time to time because even with the show being off the air it still has a huge amount of loyal fans.
      Anyway like you said, it’s a hope of all time fans and nothing has ever being confirmed from an official source. Therefor no movie filmed or in the works.

    1. Hey Vanessa! As Nicole said, the guys at TVLine like to tease about the idea of a Gilmore Girls movie (this time they got Matt Czuchry to play along). It’s a hope of many fans but nothing has ever been confirmed, rumors of it come and go every once in a while.
      If you like you can check out the links I posted as a reply to Karen (this same post), you might find them interesting. There are a few articles related to this, most of them are old but the last one is pretty recent (late May 2012).
      I honestly don’t believe there will be a Gilmore Girls movie any time soon and I guess as time passes by it will be harder and harder for a movie to be actually made.
      Anyway, are you rooting for a Gilmore Girls movie? If so, what would you like to see? We never know, maybe it could happen… 🙂

  3. I want a movie terribly! I need to see Rory and Jess together – they were honestly the only Rory pairing that felt right in my heart. LOVE them…just want more Gilmore Girls!!!

    1. I agree with you Hannah. After I re-watched all the series again this year I think Rory and Jess makes much more sense, they have so much in common and in Jess’s last appearance he changed for the better (he became the “perfect” man for Rory). I guess we will never know what happens… at least for now.

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