ALF movie in the works, Our Melmac friend is making a comeback!

The mid 80’s NBC sitcom ALF is finally making its Hollywood comeback, this time it will be on the big screen by the hand of Smurfs producer Jordan Kerner.

A few months ago, ALF creator Paul Fusco told THR about his hopes of returning ALF into the spotlight. All of this is finally come true as Sony Pictures Animation has closed a deal to acquire the rights of ALF.

ALF, the movie, will be develop as a hybrid CG/live action figure and will have Jordan Kerner (Smurfs), Tom Patchett (ALF creator) and Paul Fusco (ALF puppeteer) as producers.

Fun TV Fact: Who played ALF?

Fusco who voiced ALF on TV is expected to reprise his role for the upcoming movie. Until now no writer of director has been attached to the project.

Ben Haber of Kerner Entertainment Co. and Kenneth Kaufman will exec produce. Kaufman, runs Alien Production with Patchett and Fusco (all three are the ALF rights holders), and is also a former producing partner of Kerner’s. It is said that this relationship paved the way for the feature project.

So what do you think? Do you like the idea of an ALF movie? Did you watched ALF when you where a kid?



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