Spoiler Alert! – #1

This is our first Spoiler Alert! post. Here we will be posting all the spoilers we can find about various shows during this week that goes from today, Feb 14th, until sunday, Feb 20th.

Find out the latest spoilers on Glee‘s spin the bottle, Pretty Little Liars “mind blowing” season finale, Grey’s Anatomy musical episode, Smallville‘s last season, and more…


  • Glee‘s been missing Emma lately however she will be back in the next couple of episodes (lots of Will-Emma scenes). Also more Coach Sylvester.
  • Lauren Zizes knows what boys want and will prove it (in a couple of ways) in this week’s episode.
  • Blaine’s sexuality will be raised in next week’s episode, Blame it on the Alcohol. Ryan Murphy tells TVLine to “watch the entire episode” before jumping to any conclusions. In the current issue of Out, Murphy said, “Blaine will openly question whether bisexuality is real,” “I think that some people will love that discussion and some will not love it.”Apparently it will involve a game of spin the bottle, my guess Blaine kisses Rachel. Murphy also hinted that the plot’s message is more about common sense than sexual orientation. All but confirming that Blaine’s bi-curiosity is sparked by an encounter with a member of the opposite sex, Murphy teases, “I guess the moral of the story is don’t play spin the bottle while drunk on wine coolers.” Source
  • Blaine kisses Rachel on next weeks episode Blame it on the Alcohol. Source
  • About Mike and Tina’s relationship, Harry Shum Jr commented: “Sometimes when it goes so good, it can go so bad — and I will leave it at that.” Source

Grey’s Anatomy:

  • In the musical episode, the actual singing might be restricted to just a few characters. Patrick Dempsey (McDreamy) says: “I don’t sing… Sara Ramirez has got a great voice. Kevin Mckidd’s got a great voice. They’re really carrying that episode, and I think they do a phenomenal job. Eric Dane is like Robert Goulet—really funny, really great voice. There are a lot of good, talented triple-threats on the show.” Source
  • About Mark and Lexie’s future, Shonda Rimes tweeted: “Mark/Lexie fans: I know you are stressing out. But just wait for it. It’s gonna be a painful wait but I think it will be well worth it.”

Pretty Little Liars:

  • Shay Mitchell who play Emily Fields teased about the season finale: “The season finale is going to blow everyone’s mind”. “A lot of questions you had throughout the season will get answered, but then you will have so many more questions. The unexpected will all occur in this last episode,” adding for emphasis: “The unexpected!” “It is fun to play, but gosh these girls have been through the wringer! It’s insane.” Source
  • Next week’s episode “The Bad Seed”: As their doubts, fears and suspicions grow, Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer start to wonder what the true face of evil looks like. Is it the girl who holds a grudge and will do anything to keep her loved ones near? Is it the new brother-in-law who might have a darker side beneath the surface? Or is it an unknown stranger who is playing puppet master with four girls’ lives? Only time will tell who the Bad Seed is. Aria sees the school play as an opportunity to get closer to Ezra. But will her plan backfire and put her relationship in jeopardy?


  • Michael Rosenbaum aka Lex Luthor will return to reprise his role in the two hour series finale airing May 13th. Source
  • Luthor clone Alexander (played by Lucas Gabreel) is actually… Conner frakkin’ Kent! (…) an upcoming episode contains a not-too-subtle nod to the character’s super-powered lineage. (Turns out Conner is something of a Blur fanboy.) “Conner’s journey is manipulated by a master,” showrunners Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders reveal exclusively to TVLine. “Luckily, someone knows more about Conner’s life than he does. But he should be wary of strangers bearing gifts.” Source

True Blood:

  • Someone’s taking a trip to fairyland! Insiders tell us the show is now shooting scenes in a stage decorated with twinkle lights and greenery that’s being populated with beautiful men and women in gold body paint and robes. We’re wondering if the fairy folk get as orgy-tastic as the maenad’s followers once did? Source

Vampire Diaries

  • Jonathan Gilbert’s return: One thing is for sure: he’ll definitely be complicating Jeremy’s life. “He’s family. He knows more about my father than I know,” Steven R. McQueen tells us. “So I’m torn in two directions. One: that I’m still curious about my family and I want to know more about my father. But also I’m pissed off at him because he complicated my life in so many ways.” Steven also told us that his character will be all up in everyone’s business. “I think Jeremy is pissing everyone off,” he laughs. “He comes from this dark place, and it’s interesting to see that change in Jeremy.” Source
  • Joseph Morgan debuts as Klaus on the episode set to air Thursday, April 21st. Source

Gossip Girl

  • No new love interest for Eric: “He’s going to work out who he is [as an individual],” says his portrayer, Connor Paolo. “His history with relationships hasn’t been positive. It’s not really in his genes to have healthy relationships, and I think he knows that. He doesn’t want to repeat the habits of his mother, father and sister.” Speaking of Daddy van der Woodsen, Billy Baldwin returns in the Feb. 28 episode and “creates an interesting dichotomy for Eric,” says Paolo, “because of his extreme loyalty to Rufus over his own father.” Source
  • Blair Waldorf is going to Brooklyn, where she canoodles with Dan in his loft. She wouldn’t cross the bridge for just anyone, right? Source

Desperate Housewives

  • Andrew’s about to find out the hard way that alcoholism is genetic, prompting Bree to drag his ass with her to AA (that’s Alcoholics Anonymous, not Ask Ausiello). In other news, negotiations between ABC and Desperate divas Marcia Cross, Teri Hatcher, Felicity Huffman and Eva Longoria continue. Source

Brothers and Sisters

  • Producers are currently casting actors to play Nora (Sally Field), William (Tom Skeritt) and Brody (Beau Bridges) in flashback scenes. Nora and Brody were teenagers as this love triangle got underway—but William was 30. Source

Modern Family

  • The show is more than likely recasting a Family member! “Next year, I think Lily will start to talk,” reveals executive producer Steve Levitan, “[so] whether our present ‘Lilies’ age into the role or we end up needing to find new little ones [is a question that will soon need answering]. It is coming to be time.” Though aging the character will allow her to get involved in more “mature” (relatively speaking, anyway) stories, the boss promises that they’ll still be Family-oriented. “We have people in all stages of parenthood,” he notes, “so we can pop in little stories coming from people’s lives — things like ‘Lily bites’ through getting Lily into a private school. All those things are real, coming from our lives, and there will be more of that.” Source


  • NCS agent Jane Bentley “is there to offer Casey an opportunity to set up a new team, a new operation,” explains Givens, who debuts on the NBC comedy next week. “It’s an offer that’s somewhat enticing and would shake things up… He wants to keep her at arm’s length, but she’s coming to him at a time when it’s hard for him to just dismiss what she has to offer.” Source

How I met Your Mother

  • Now that Ted and Zoey are finally together, everything is smooth sailing from here on out. But you don’t believe that, do you? As expected, Zoey’s ex-hubby (Kyle MacLachlan) will be popping up to cause problems for the new couple. Plus, Barney and Robin get into it regarding his Valentine’s Day past…but it’s not for the reasons you think. Source
  • Ted’s in for a major reality check when Zoey’s dark side — i.e. her annoying hippie/nonconformist side — rears its ugly head again later this season. In other news, a major character will quit his/her job! Source
  • First look at John Lithgow as Barney Stinson’s father. He will appear in two episodes set to start off March 21st. Co-creator Carter Bays teases that Barney will struggle to “reconcile who he hoped his dad would be and who his dad actually is.” Source

    The Good Wife

    • Sneak Peek at this week’s episode “Net Worth”


    • For more scoop on Booth and Brennan’s relationship in future episodes go here.

    • About Angela and Hodgin’s baby, executive producer Stephen Nathan told TVLine: “There’s going to be a bump in the road with the pregnancy,” he told TVLine’s Matt Mitovich. “They’re going to be dealing with some events they didn’t see coming.” Source
    • They are currently shooting the Bones spinoff in Florida which makes it a little hard for Emily Deschanel to direct an episode of Bones. “We have a crew shooting there, we’re shooting two episodes at once, and Emily and David [Boreanaz] both work so hard, such long hours…. It’s difficult, but we’re doing everything we can to work it out.” Source


    • Executive producer Katie Jacobs recently told TVLine: “Maybe Huddy isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. I think the exploration of the relationship is interesting. I don’t think the fans are expecting it to go on forever, are they?” Source


    • About Olivia and Peter: executive producer J.H. Wyman says that when Olivia finds out that Fauxlivia is pregnant, “It will not unfold in a way that I think is traditional…I think that people should be prepared for that.” And for another thing, our Olivia will soon learn that Peter has been assassinating shapeshifters and why. According to Wyman, “Peter let go of a certain amount of control in his life to be a part of this family…and then realized he’s in the nucleus of this entire thing that’s happening. He doesn’t have any answers, and this season was always going to be a season about self-actualization for a lot of the characters. So this is the beginning of those steps.” Source

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