Fall Season 2011-2012 “Up All Night”

Synopsis: A comedy series about a couple learning the ropes of parenting while trying to stay true to who they were before having a child. (Source)

Premiere Date: Thursday 15th, 2011, on NBC.

Official Website: http://www.nbc.com/up-all-night/


  • Christina Applegate as Reagan Brinkley
  • Will Arnett as Chris
  • Maya Rudolph as Ava
  • Nick Cannon as Calvin



Super cast featuring TV comedy veterans and also SNL alumni. The trailer seems funny and the dynamic of the show seems to work around a baby which many people consider a newborn might be “jumping the shark”… this show is different, the baby is part of the premise. I really hope they can keep up the comedy and come up with interesting stories, because as far as cast goes they are talented and probably could make almost everything seems funny.


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