Thank you for the laughter: R.I.P. Robin Williams


Yesterday the world lost an amazing talented actor named Robin Williams. For us who didn’t know him personally but only through his incredible work it is hard to take this news and we cannot imagine how hard it is for his family and friends. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. And to his family, thank you for sharing him with us and letting us witness his greatness on screen.

When we first heard the news of Robin Williams passing we were shocked and sad. We immediately look back and remember all the movies we’ve seen that Robin Williams had been part of… and believe me there are many.

We grew up watching Jumanji, Hook, Mrs. Doubtfire, Patch Adams, Aladdin, Flubber… I remember the excitement I felt watching Jumanji (all the many times we watched it). I remember laughing so hard during the scene at the restaurant in Mrs. Doubtfire. I remember the kindness of Patch Adams. I remember the grand buffet of food appearing in Hook. I remember Aladdin so vividly, one of my favorite movies as a kid. I remember Flubber as one of the first DVDs I ever got…

These are only a few movies, I am sure when I look back with more detail I’ll find more like Good Will Hunting

I’ve never realized that a lot of my childhood memories related to movies were so attached to Robin Williams.

You made us laugh with every joke, you taught us to live in Dead Poets Society, you taught us to believe in Hook, you taught us that laughter and love are the best medicine in Mrs. Doubtfire, you taught us to be kind above all in Patch Adams

You made us feel, you made us smile and for that we will be forever grateful. You not only entertain us, you also taught us live lessons that we will carry with us forever.

We are sadden that we will never see anything new from you Mr. Robin Williams, but your spirit will live on in every role you played, in every person you touched, in every line you said, in every joke you made that made us laugh…

Thank you Mr. Robin Williams, thank you for the laughter and for the lessons.

Little did we know you were our movie childhood hero… silent but forever present. You’re spirit will live on in every role you brought to live and your memory will remain in every heart you kindly touched.

Rest in Peace Robin Williams.

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