We are back online!


We are finally back online!. We had a problem with our hosting therefor we weren’t online for almost 3 weeks. We apologized for the inconvenience and thank you for checking back!

In the past 3 weeks, besides freakin out about not having the site online, we have been working on a few ideas to make the site more interesting, original and fun. It will take some time to implement this ideas and make them real but we will work hard on it. Stick with us, have some patience, we promise you will like it!

Also we are working on a few other projects, other websites that we will be updating you as they happen.

So there is a lot of work to do and a lot of fun stuff in the future. Hope you can be part of it and keep checking back our blog or follow us on Twitter @geek4tv

Also we are working on our Facebook fanpage. So many things to do, so little time… Let’s not stress out and enjoy the ride!

See you soon,

Geek4tv 🙂

PS: Not many new posts of the time we were offline, but we will be posting new content really soon.

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