Modern News – Weekly news about TV’s funniest family

We are huge fans of Modern Family and for a while now we wanted to include this show in our blog. Like we have The Bazzinga Report about The Big Bang Theory and The Gleekly Dose about Glee we are happy to start… Modern News about Modern Family!

The Modern News posts will be all about Modern Family (the funniest family in television). It will include news, videos, photos, articles… everything we can find about this show we will post therefore you will always be up to date with Modern Family by visiting our Modern News.

Our idea is to have one Modern News post each week that we will keep updating everyday of that same week. However if there is a highly relevant and important news about the show it will have it own deserving post.

The name Modern News is inspired by the kids of Modern Family. During an interview with Jimmy Kimmel they talked about the newspaper they have to do for school called Modern News.

So this is to all the Modern Family fans, we hope you like our Modern News. And to all of you who have not seen this show give it a try, there is a big chance you will fall in love with this family.

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