Geek4TV Factory: Our Originals

Hello everyone!

One of the things we wanted to do on our TV dedicated blog was to not only post news but also some other stuff. Therefore we have “Fun TV Facts”, “TV Watch” (Episodes Reviews), “Production 101”… and now we are proud to present: “Geek4TV Factory”.

In the “Geek4TV Factory” posts you will find everything we make/produce like fan made videos (and in the future maybe some articles, interviews, etc).

We are starting the “Geek4TV Factory” with fan made videos. Of course all the footage in the videos belong to the respective owners of the respective TV series but all the editing/montage/graphics, etc will by made by Geek4TV (also the idea of the video will be ours).

The theme of the videos may vary (there are many TV shows and many ideas for fan videos). What we want is to celebrate the shows, characters, actors, etc on TV that we love with these tribute videos.

Our videos will be posted on our youtube channel ( and also here on our blog so be sure to check that out. Also if you have a website or blog and like our videos and would like to post them on your site feel free to do so but don’t forget to give us proper credit for the video and invite your readers and viewers to visit us at And of course we would also love if you could let us know the address of your site so we can visit it as well! (you could send us an email at

We are posting our first video really soon so please come back so you can watch it. And if everything goes well we will be posting more videos! So if you like them be sure to show your support and leave your comments, we would love to know what you think!

We really hope you enjoy our videos! Again don’t forget to leave your comments and send us your ideas for other fan videos we can make.

Thanks a lot and we’ll talk to you soon,


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