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In tomorrow’s “Glee” episode there are going to have flashbacks to Chris Colfer’s character Kurt Hummel and his father. If having Chris Colfer and Mike O´Malley play opposite each other as son and father isn’t perfect enough (they truly look like they are related, just look at their eyes) they have found a kid who looks exactly like Chris (only younger) to play Kurt Hummel in the flashbacks. The 13 year old actor’s name is Adam Kolkin.

Don’t believe us; just take a look at this pics (we were incredibly surprise at the resemblance).

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O.C. teen to play younger Kurt on ‘Glee’

So who is this person in charge of these amazing findings?

The casting director of course (Didn’t you read the headline? Just kidding, but it is the casting director). So what exactly does the casting director do?

The casting director has the responsibility to gather a number of actor candidates for a given role, whether it is in film or any television production. Essentially first, he or she would have to read the script and get together with the director (of the film, tv show or commercial) in order to get some direction on what “type” of person a given role calls for. So that the casting director can make better decisions about who will best fit these roles. After this the casting director and his or her team sets to work.

They will meet with a number of individuals through the casting process. Sometimes an assistant will oversee the auditions and if the assistant considers that this person may be right for the role, the actor will be given a callback. The casting director makes the decision on who will be right for the role and presents a handful of hopefuls to the director, producer or writer for them to choose the best one.

A casting director is essential in the production process not only they have to find all the actors who play the speaking roles; they are also in charge of finding all the extras. They must determine if an actor fits the look of a character and if he or she will be believable in the role.

So there you have it, next time you watch a tv show or movie and can’t believe the great chemistry the actors have, how perfectly fitting they are for the characters or how alike they look (if they play characters that are related) you’ll know who to thank: the casting director.

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O.C. teen to play younger Kurt on ‘Glee’

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