Watching ‘Glee’ didn’t make me feel glee

“Love, Love, Love” is the title of the season premiere episode of Glee, but did I love, love, love the episode… not really.


Glee-S05E1-02I won’t make this a detailed review about the episode cause if you are reading this you probably already watched it. I am just sharing a few thoughts and impressions after watching the episode last night.


To start, watching the episode last night and not on its’ premiere date already tells that I have lost interest in the show. Well, this happened a while ago, so long ago that sadly I can’t remember most of the last season…


I must say that I was a complete gleek when the show started and for a few seasons more. I felt that it was funny, innovative, musical and with appealing characters you rooted for. Now it feels like a totally different show, just watch any episode of season 1 and you’ll see what I mean.


Glee-S05E1-01I watched the episode with my brother who lost interest in the show a few seasons back and I think didn’t even watch season 4. Anyway he was confused and felt like he didn’t knew most of the MANY characters. I don’t know if I am the only one but since most of the original cast left the show it left a HUGE void that not even the MANY new characters can fill. The connection that I felt with the show and its characters is gone, and that makes me sad because I loved this show.


I remember that when the show premiere back in 2009 they said that it was not as “High School Musical”, that “Glee” was different, that the characters didn’t just burst into song. This concept came to my mind while watching the whole episode last night. I felt that they just burst into song every 2 minutes. I guess they cover the “musical” part of the show but left out the “comedy”.


About the storylines, to be honest they don’t make me want to watch again next week. I believe that the show hasn’t given the characters good storylines that help them develop and create a connection with the audience, and without that connection people have lost interest in watching the show. Is not that I don’t care at all to what happen to the characters (at least the original cast) but I am not eager to watch every week (I might read what happen, when big things happen and that would be enough).


After watching this season premiere I feel that the show is already coming to an end. I can’t imagine what they would do if they were to continue for 2 more years. The only thing I feel that would make the show true to what it was is to follow Rachel pursue her Broadway career with the passion of the young Rachel we met 5 years ago.


Well I hope I wasn’t that hard with the show, I just wanted to be honest because I am not happy with what has happen to a show that I really loved. It really makes me sad that it has changed so much from what it was 5 years ago. I guess it is good to have blu-rays to relive the great moments Glee brought to life in the past because I am feeling there will not be new great moments again.


So what do you think so far of Glee season 5? Are you still a gleek or have you lost interest like me? Share your thoughts and comments…

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