TV Watch: Glee – 2×07 “The Substitute” Review

So I just finished watching Tuesday night ‘Glee’ episode with Gwyneth Paltrow and to my big surprise I kind of enjoy it (at least while watching it). To my big sorrow I have not been enjoying ‘Glee’ as much as I did last season, however it still have moments that put a smile on my face.

I guess many ‘gleeks’ out there can agree that this season feels very different from the first. Now we have some episodes that have an after school special feeling, others are musical tributes, etc. Each episode has a totally different ‘feeling’ than the other (there is no continuity, even for a Ryan Murphy show). Whether this is good or bad only the viewers can tell (if you still enjoy it you’ll keep watching others may decide to stop).

However we’ve been ‘Glee’ fans from the beginning and we are not giving up on it (if the brilliant minds that run the show have the talent to give us such an awesome first season they certainly can give us something to cheer for again… that’s what we hope).

Anyway let’s go to the episode review.

Rachel: the classic Rachel Berry was back in this episode. She wanting to take over the direction of the glee club after Mr. Schue gets sick was really fun and make me yearn for the overly eager, dramatic and egocentric Rachel. When Santana wanted to fight her and everybody stopped her made me smile.

Figgins: The sequence where Principal Figgins catches the flu was really funny. The music, the expression, the slow motion… it was perfect.

Holly Holliday: The character was really interesting, funny and most of all refreshing. Gwyneth Paltrow did a really good job (although I kind of feel that this storyline may have been written for April Rhodes, Kristin Chenoweth character). Her musical sequences were not really a big deal to me but I really enjoy her more in her teacher sequences (how she try to keep up with the kids and pop culture to make her classes more fun, etc).

Mercedes: I was really glad to see Mercedes have a storyline again. Hope that they keep giving her more stories. The tots storyline and she defying authority was a new side of her we didn’t know.

Kurt and Blaine: I guess Kurt have finally found himself that special person who totally understands him. I am glad because lately he was becoming more and more annoying (probably cause he was lonely so we can really blame him), but now that he is happy I hope he can be fun and not all drama.

Mr. Schue: It was fun to see how he always wants the kids to sing ‘Journey’. However he can be boring, that’s why Holly Holliday was so refreshing. I used to love Mr. Schue but lately not so much.

Terry: Many people probably hate her but I think she is just too entertaining to be hated that’s why I love every time she is back. Seeing her evolve into a decent human being is nice. Also she is the only one who truly loves Will just the way he is, she truly loves him (in her eccentric way) that’s why she was and probably is still a little bit crazy. She said it was over with Will, hopefully it’s not the last time we see her though (maybe she can date Bryan Ryan or the Vocal Adrenaline coach… that could interesting).

Sue: I used to love Sue, she was and still is so inappropriately honest and mean. However lately she is just that and not much fun anymore. I feel like she is running out of storylines and she is just being mean for the simple reason of being mean… the problem now is that she is not as funny anymore. The only time I thought she was funny was when coach Beiste told her if she dissolves the football team her cheerios would have nobody to cheer for and she said that she will get back to her. Let me just mention that although Sue is probably not as great as before coach Beiste is just awesome (probably the best addition to the show this season).

Musical Numbers:

Forget You: It was fun, I like Rachel’s reactions but overall nothing extraordinary.

Make ‘em laugh: First I love the movie Singin’ in the Rain so when I knew they were recreating this scene I was a bit hesitant. Don’t love it as much as the movie but it was nice to see Mr. Schue and Mike Chang dance, they are talented!

Hot honey rag: It was okay, I guess, although I enjoy the reactions of the characters more than the performance itself (was it just me or the dancing was pretty bad?).

Umbrella/Singin’ in the Rain: I was happy to hear and see a mash up. The choreography and the concept for this musical number was pretty awesome. But I got to ask myself, where did they get the money to ‘make it rain’? Seriously, didn’t their budget got reduce at the beginning of the school year? Hey I guess that’s why all of this is fiction (a TV show and not a real High School).

So what do you think about this episode. Did you like it? Tell us what you think, we would love to hear your opinions.

PS: I’ll be working on the other  ‘Glee’ episodes reviews before so check back soon.

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