TV Watch: Glee – 2×01 “Audition” Review

Exactly a week ago, Tuesday 21st 2010, marked the return of “Glee”, the hit musical comedy. Its premiere captured a whopping 12.3 million viewers! (and that’s without “American Idol’s” help). This episode introduces us to new characters, new couples and potentially great storylines.

This highly anticipated premiere was worth the wait. We really enjoy this episode, which we thought was in the same level of quality as the first 13 (simply amazing!). Don’t get us wrong the “back 9” were pretty good but the first 13 were in a higher level of greatness. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

The glee club performs "Empire State of Mind"

Here is our take on the episode.

Things we love

Jacob’s glee club news report

Jacob Ben Israel, you are the best! His blog, which now appears to be a videoblog, answers all the rumors surrounding the “Glee Club, Gay Summer”, which funny enough, it answers many of the “Glee” show’s rumors and critics.

The whole editing, the music, the questions and reactions of the glee club members (Rachel diva attitude, Mr Schue’s rapping, Kurt’s auto tune, Quinn’s crying, Brittany’s vacation in the sewer, etc) makes this sequence super funny and worth watching it more than once. The only missing moment was to include Mercedes in the news report.

Quinn vs. Santana’s fight

The queen bee is back! Although we love sweet pregnant and hormonally angry Quinn Fabray, we missed bitchy Quinn. The fact that Quinn returns to her old ways is great, not only is she back on the cheerios, she is the captain which makes Santana full of rage.

The whole Santana’s summer surgery was, to us, pretty unexpected. We thought Santana was super tough and the ultimate bitch (don’t get us wrong, we love her). This storyline shows her human side, the insecure teenager that lives in all high school students.

Which brings us to the Quinn vs. Santana´s fight in the hallway. This was super funny to watch. This is the type of interaction that characters need in the show. Storylines that doesn’t involve gleeclub stories, but stories about other high school’s activities make the show feel real and makes the characters seem like they face other problems outside show choir. Quinn vs. Santana’s fight for power seems like a fun storyline that could last all season.

Finn, a cheerio?

Finn auditioning for the cheerios was unexpected and incredibly hilarious. His dancing was extremely funny (so bad that somehow makes him really cute). Gotta love Cory Monteith in this scene. Also Becky’s comments here were hilarious; so glad she is back on season 2.

Beiste, the new football coach

Gotta start with the name, it is just so perfectly fitting. Coach Beiste is a big lady who seems rather tough than emotional. She is the big football coach that can look like she could take a beating but is quite soft inside. She wears red lipstick with her shorts, shirt and socks til the knees and can get her feelings easily hurt.

We like her a lot and the moment when she is in the dinning room asking Sue and Will if she could seat with them and they denying almost broke our hearts. We hope the genius minds behind “Glee” have great stories for her this season.

“Telephone” in the girl’s restroom

Two great voices collide in the girl’s restroom. Charice’s character Sunshine Corazon is introduced and Rachel finds her voice threatening to her spotlight. Rachel’s explanation to Sunshine about how fun gleeclub can be, was hilarious (did you read the sign up sheet Rachel was putting in the bathroom?).

The extremely choreographed singing duet of “Telephone” was amazing. Love the moment when Rachel turns singing and starts walking towards Sunshine.

Artie-Tina-Mike love triangle

This storyline has a lot of potential because it could increase screen time for the characters of Tina, Artie and the less talkative Mike. We could also get to know the characters separately; especially Tina who’s most storylines had been tied to Artie. Also, it could be fun to see Artie’s ways to get Tina back. Please, Tartie forever.

A cute Finchel moment

Although we are no Finchel fans we can’t overlook a really cute moment they share in this episode. When Rachel said that she would never break up with Finn and he said that he will never break up with her either made our hearts a little warm for them. Still, lets hope that not every episode is filled with an obligatory Finchel cute moment or it could end up being really cheesy.

Things we didn’t love

Sue hits a new low

We all knew Sue is mean and sometimes quite evil and we also knew she can be sweet and caring (her sister’s storyline). She fights with all she has to get what she wants but this was a new low: telling poor Brittany to accuse coach Beiste for inappropriate touching. We expected her to be mean but this was a new level of mean, even for her. We hope they can keep her mean ways (because they are funny) without making her hit rock bottom, like the Sue’s storylines in the first 13 episodes of season 1.

No Ken Tanaka’s flashback

When they mention Ken Tanaka’s nervous breakdown we were expecting a flashback of him. It would have been so funny to see him (kinda like Emma’s flashback singing “All by myself” on an episode in season 1). Honestly, this was a lost opportunity for a hilarious moment.

Too selfish Miss Berry

Rachel is extremely talented and she knows it. She likes and needs the spotlight but her sending Sunshine to a crack house (how does she even know the address to a crack house?) because she felt threaten by her talent was just to selfish. And saying that she did it for her fellow glee clubbers who didn’t get many solos was even worst. We thought she really care about the glee club and its members, we thought she consider them her friends (she even agree to letting Mercedes sing “And I’m telling you” at sectionals because it was the best thing for the club). So this was a step backwards for her, maybe a moment of low judgment… anyway it will only bring more drama and that is good for the show.

Things we didn’t get

Rachel singing “What I did for love”

Maybe we are a little dumb but we didn’t get why Rachel sings “What I did for love”, cause she obviously didn’t do it for the love to the Glee Club. Although if she means that she did it for the love she has for herself that starts to make a little sense. Still Ms. Michele delivered a flawless performance.

Favorite Quotes

“Stop the violence” (Brittany, during Quinn and Santana’s fight)

Heather Morris’s delivery of this simple line makes it completely hilarious. This are the small moments that defines the awesomeness of Brittany.

Musical moments

  • “Empire State of Mind”
  • “Telephone”
  • “Billionaire”
  • “Listen”
  • “What I did for love”

Tonight airs the anticipated Britney Spears episode called Britney/Brittany, which features a tribute and a special appearance by the princess of pop. We truly cannot wait to see this episode.

What did you think of  “Audition”?

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