TV Watch: Glee – 2×09 – “Special Education”

So the sectional´s episode… what can I say about it… Well it wasn´t as good as the one from the first season, however it had some great moments and others that were kind of boring.

I´ll be sharing what I like, what I didn´t like and what I miss from the show. So here we go…

I like that they are giving Brittany more stories, mainly cause I think she is just super funny, however at moments I don´t buy Brittany´s relationship with Artie. Sometimes I think it is cute because they are so different, Artie is smart and she is dumb, but at times I don´t feel it´s real (I don´t even know how to explain it)… However I do believe in Mike Chang´s and Tina´s relationship, I do like the stories they are giving them as a couple. I thought the “asian kiss” was pretty sweet! (Although I am a Tartie fan)

So returning to Brittany, I like that they are giving her more stories however I truly miss her wonderful one liners that made us all fall in love with her in the first place.

The Warblers are nice but extremely boring. I miss Kurt being funny, his expressions and sarcastic/ironic comments are very much missed. He as well is getting boring; I do like the idea that he is in a safer school and has a good friend like Blaine (of course, I like him more in New Directions). But isn´t it time for him to be at least a little funny again? (When do you think he´ll come back to New Directions?)

I do like that they gave Puck a nice storyline where he showed that he cares about the glee club (recruiting a new member) and also that he is a better guy (not wanting to betray Finn by being with Rachel like he did with Quinn). I like the scene in the locker room when the guys are going to attack him and he says “not the face”.

Worst therapy ever! I love Emma and I always felt that she was the voice of reason in the show, however she disappoint with her advice to Rachel and Finn. Wait, actually she didn´t gave any advice, she didn´t say anything comforting or helpful at all (even though she was funny telling Finn not to answer Rachel´s questions about Santana). What happened to you Emma? Hope this was a momentary lapse and you´ll come back as smart and funny as before.

The Kurt and Rachel friendship feels fake to me, it seems a little forced and completely sudden. Also the St. Kurt issue is present in this episode. The glee club saying that if the Warblers win is because they gave him Kurt or Rachel saying that Kurt was his only real competition in the club. Really? He is talented indeed but this was just too much praise. Also the whole Don´t Cry for Me Argentina sequence felt extremely long and ended up being boring, it made me remember Defying Gravity and sadly this was not as good. I did find funny, Blaine telling Kurt to lower his hands while he was singing to the Warblers.

The competition: The Hipsters were fun to watch specially everyone being really moved by their performance. The Warblers were good too (not as great as Teenage Dream though). Is the dynamic of them is having Blaine sing the lead and everyone do backup all the time? (I guess no solos for Kurt there in the near future then)

Best green room ever indeed! All of them having their issues before getting on stage was probably the best part of the episode. Quinn post traumatic stress, Tina mad at Mike, Artie mad at Brittany, Rachel and Finn fighting… The dynamic between the characters was great.

The sectionals performance intended to resemble the one from the first season, the lead singers entering the stage from behind the audience with a duet ballad. I think it is nice to address (or remake in a way) things that have been done before in the show, it´s like saying “hi, we know you are watching” to the fans that keep rerunning the episodes in their minds. However there have been so many of these moments so far this season that makes it feel redundant. Which brings me to Sam getting to remake Finn from the first season. The arriving too early, dating Quinn, being quarterback (at the beginning, now wanting to be quarterback again-which also happened to Finn this season), the entering the stage from the back signing a duet… Don´t they have new things to write for Sam? We are arriving to the mid season and I don´t really know who he is yet…

Time of our Life felt boring to me, I wanted to like it but I couldn´t. Of course it reminds me to Faithfully and it was not as great (it´s not my fault that I have to compare it to sectionals from the first season, they made the performance itself quite similar so comparison is going to happen). I do like that they gave other characters the chance to take the lead.

Santana rocked out the song Valerie, she sang great and the song fits perfect to her voice. The dancing was amazing, awesome… there are no words. Brittany (Heather Morris) and Mike Chang (Harry Shum Jr) did a great job. If only all of them could dance like that they probably win Nationals (of course adding to all the glee clubbers wonderful voices).

The dog days are over was a fun performance although it felt weird having them running around the stage happy intertwine with all the other scenes being sad… I guess that´s the irony and what makes this sequence different. Finnchel no more, does that means maybe Puckleberry might come back? Poor Mr. Schue, he returns from sectionals to a married Emma (ouch!).

Is Mr. Schue becoming the biggest loser on Glee? Nothing ever goes his way. He just can´t find a way to be happy and he just can´t find himself. He seems to be losing his personality (and Terry can´t be blame for this anymore). Why does he keep doing everything Emma says? (Quinn has a beautiful voice so he gives her a duet with Sam, Mike dances great so he gives Brittany and Mike a chance to dance). I know he is in love but sometimes he seems like he is another glee kid and not the teacher or an adult, he does what others tell him to do (mainly Emma). For example, doing Toxic with the kids on the Britney episode (to impress Emma) was just so inappropriate, funny but inappropriate. He doesn´t seem to find himself and yet again he is teaching the glee kids about being themselves. Still I know his relationship with Emma is the one that will happen eventually (the one that would make the long run). I do want him to have more self-respect and confidence (adding to the sweetness that he had before) before he gets together with Emma cause right now the dentist is winning the race (to Emma´s heart).

Anyway, those are my opinions on the episode. So what do you think about the episode? All opinions are welcome because we would not be writing reviews or even reading them if we didn’t care about the show.

Until next time…

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