TV Watch: Glee – 2×08 – “Furt”

Lately I’ve been getting used to not getting so hype up before a new  ‘Glee’ episode (mainly cause I haven’t been loving them this season). However “Furt” had moments that reminded me of the old ‘gleeful’ feeling I had when watching early episodes of the show (mainly the first 13 episodes of season 1).

The episode was clearly divided in three mayor storylines: the wedding of Burt and Carol, the Sylvesters and the bullying. The music was fun, although why they keep signing Bruno Mars?

Having said this, here is my review

The Sylvesters

Carol Burnett as Doris Sylvester Sue’s mom was a genius idea. When I first heard she was going to be on ‘Glee’ I knew there was little chance she will disappoint and of course she didn’t (even though her storyline wasn’t that good). She was perfect as the now former Nazi hunter. But they could have done so much with her character… come on is Carol Burnett! The writers should have given her a better story (was the Sue wedding the only thing they could think of? I just hope they are saving something better for her because I really want her back in the show).

Sue’s wedding was in my opinion a forced idea and like Doris said, to me it was a bit ridiculous. I guess this was a way to show us a more human Sue (that can feel lonely and rejected) or maybe just to make it an all Wedding Episode. Even though I didn’t like the wedding idea (Sue marrying herself) I at least expected to have a huge laugh about it, mainly cause it is an extravagant storyline. However I didn’t have much fun watching it. I didn’t find it funny (did you? Maybe there is something I didn’t get, I don’t know).


Seeing the glee clubbers stand up for Kurt against Karofsky was sweet and endearing (better late than ever, right?). However everyone kind of blaming Finn for not taking care of Kurt was a little unfair. Yes they are friends and are in the glee club together (and are brothers now) but he is not the only one who wasn’t standing up for Kurt, before this episode basically nobody was. But of course at the end Finn made  it right with Kurt, he will stand up for him no matter what (really won’t need to now because he changes schools).

The girls trying to find a way to protect Kurt was really nice to see, the idea of standing up for your friend was really welcoming but the solution they came up with was really lame. Come on, they could only think about asking their boyfriends to confront Karofsky (really?). They are smart girls; they certainly could come up with something better. It seems that they are just using the girls to support the guys’ stories now (this led up to Sam getting hit and Quinn accepting to be his girlfriend).

Karofsky bullying Kurt this time was more serious than before, he is just not messing with him physically he is now messing with his head more. The guy certainly is troubled. Sue standing up for Kurt and expelling Dave Kasrofsky was a nice touch to show that Sue really cares about the kids in her mean way of being. However hearing Sue preach about bullying is ironic (and sometimes feels a little cynical) because even though we know she can be nice she is the ultimate bully most of the time.

We know Burt loves his son and as a matter of fact that was a powerful and wonderful story in the first season. However there could be other stories between them besides Burt standing up for Kurt because his son is gay. Of course that is important and the way Burt deals with his son being gay is nothing but admirable (we could only wish all parents were that loving and supporting) there must be other stories for them (regular father and son storylines). Again we see him stand up for his son, this time against Karosfky. I guess this time he went a little too far, he could have yelled at him first or something, he is a grown man and like it or not Karosfky is still a teenager.

Sam and Quinn

First I got to say that Quinn is one of my favorite characters. When this season started I was really happy because with all the baby drama behind (which I thought was amazing) there would be so much more to see about this character. For this season I was expecting something different (like on the premiere, her fighting with Santana, that interaction is interesting to explore) but it turns out the story is repeating again. Which brings me to ask, who is Sam?

At the beginning of the season I really didn’t care for the character (“Audition”), we didn’t really got a sense of who he was although a similarity to Finn was pretty obvious (the whole shower sequence). Later in ‘Duets’ I thought he was really sweet, cute and kind of nerdy, but then in the ‘Rocky Horror’ episode he was pretty cocky about his looks (of course he looks good, we are reminded of that almost every episode… but does he really needs to take his shirt of all the time?). And now he wants to be with Quinn (is it for real or is he just using her to become popular? to me is hard to tell, because I don’t really understand who is Sam yet); which was kind of a given being the fact that he has so many similarities with Finn’s stories with Quinn in the first half of season 1. I just wish there are better stories for Quinn in the future and that we really get to know Sam because by now it’s hard to tell who he is and what new things he is bringing to the show.

Burt and Carol

We knew this was coming. Both of them are really great parents and it is always great to see them (this actors are just phenomenal!). I was happy to see them not all drama but a little more fun dancing entering the chapel (and the vows were really sweet too). I just want to see what new stories will come up for the Hummel/Hudson clan.

Where is Emma?

She is MIA for many episodes now. She is so desperately needed especially if they are dealing with an issue as serious as bullying. She is the voice of reason. Emma please come back!

What about Mercedes?

She is Kurt’s best friend and she barely appear in the episode. I would have expected her to play a bigger role in the whole Karofsky bullying Kurt.

Musical Numbers:


Was a nice musical sequence with Doris and Sue Sylvester. It had music and singing but also talking over the music (did I explain it right?). The part where they talk and the music is still playing in the background was nice, the timing was perfect, at one point it felt like a real musical. And of course it was a great to see that the song choice was right for the storyline.

Marry You

This was simply the best. I loved it! Sequences like this are what made this show so popular in the first place. It reminded me of old school ‘Glee’ (first thirteen episodes). The music, the dancing, the simplicity… Honestly I haven’t said this lately about the show but this was awesome! I am sure I will watch it over and over again.


Mr. Schue did a great job with this song. Was a good song selection for the dance.

Just The Way You Are

Mmmm…  really? I am not sure what to say. What is up with all the Bruno Mars songs? When did the wedding become about Kurt? (I know he planned the wedding but he wasn’t the one getting married so there is no need to make a tribute song to him).

After watching the episode one time this is all I could think of, if I come up with something more I’ll add it to the post. But enough about my opinions, what did you think about ‘Furt’? did you like it or hate it? What was your favorite moment? I bet it was ‘Marry You’ (I can’t help it I really like that part). We love to know what you think so feel free to leave your comment.

See ya!

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