‘Gleekly’ Dose – Glee’s Goodbye – A look to the past and a taste of the future

If you are reading this you probably already seen Glee’s graduation episode entitled Goodbye. As the seniors spend their last days at McKinley High we take a look at how much they have grown and where they are heading… but one of the best things about this episode is the flashbacks and reference to the earlier episodes.

Sit down rocking the boat

This was my favorite part of the episode. Seeing that ‘epic’ performance from the pilot performed again was amazing. It shows how much they have grown, how much they have achieve, how much happy they’ve become. They are not frustrated as in the pilot, they are happy and don’t mind being a little geeky performing it in front of their friends.

Stronger, more socially conscious fashion forward Kurt and Burt “Single Ladies”

Kurt have grown so much from the boy singing Mr Cellophane to accepting himself, being more confident, having a boyfriend… and of course his amazing relationship with his dad which brings me to…

Probably one of the most important storylines portrait on Glee is Kurt and Burt relationship. A father-son relationship that don’t always understand each other but they always support each other. A father that tries so hard to support his gay son even though he sometimes doesn’t understand him. Burt acceptance of his son just the way he is and their loving relationship is admirable and should be an example to all.

And what a better way to take a look at this relationship, taking it back to when it all started: Single Ladies. In the first season Burt finds Kurt dancing to Single Ladies with Brittany and Tina, this brings Kurt to join the football team and telling his dad he is gay. Burt supportive response “I love you just as much” was touching but also surprising (we were not use to seeing this reaction on tv).


Finn and “The Actor’s Studio”

Finn realized he had a great high school career, winning a football championship and a Nationals championship with the gleeclub. He feels confident, like he never has before. He does not fear for his future like he did, he thinks he has everything figure out. Like in life, his plans and dream don’t come out as he wishes.


Take care of your gleeclub, it will take care of you!

The seniors say goodbye to the juniors (future seniors). It was nice to see them perform this. They express their love for each other but also for the gleeclub, how it has to keep going, how they have to take care of it and how much the gleeclub has given them. The whole changing seats (the seniors start singing and end up seating in the chairs and the juniors start as audience to take place as performers) was a significant picture in what is to come. We got a peek at the new gleeclub.

The juniors singing to the seniors was a sneak peek of what’s to come to the gleeclub, familiar faces and new faces. A thank you to the ones that were there from the beginning. I don’t want to be pessimist but it is not the same, and we knew it wouldn’t be, somehow it feels a little empty (if that makes any sense).


A little “Quick” before we leave

Quinn has been through a rollercoaster of events in 3 years. She got from the top to the bottom to the top again. She was the captain of the cheerios dating the football captain. She got pregnant and the baby daddy was not her boyfriend, it was his boyfriend’s best friend. She got kicked out of her house and of the cheerios. Had the baby (adopted by Rachel’s biological mom), went back to the cheerios. Quit the cheerios, got back together with Finn. In the meantime she cheated again, first time she got pregnant second time she got mono. Joined the skanks, got a Ryan Seacrest tattoo, try to get her baby back… got back to the cheerios, got in a text and drive accident which leaved her in a wheelchair for a while… Ufff, I’m tired, that’s a lot! (If I am missing something, which I probably am, let me know). Anyhow, she got into Yale and has changed a lot as a person for the better: evil Quinn is long gone. She is now friends with Rachel Berry.

Quinn wanted to give back and she helped her former flame: Puck. Rachel said that they felt that she and Puck belong together… is that a hint to what’s to come, probably not but I guess they wanted to take on a storyline that was practically ignore for a long time. Quinn helps Puck study, they share a kiss as Quinn tries to help Puck get back his confidence. I guess this was kind of sweet. Finally they address the fact that they had a baby together and that in the past they were in love.

Anyway, Puck went “all original grade A badasss” after his kiss with Quinn and pass his exam with a “puckerman A+” (C-).


“Glory Day” is graduation!

I love this scene, it was fun and refreshing, it was a celebration. They were coming out from behind the curtain, Figgins announcing their names, Puck playing the guitar, Finn playing the drums, Blaine handing Kurt a handkerchief. Their friends and family in the audience; it made me happy! It was a perfect closure to an amazing journey!


Pinky swear

Rachel, Finn and Kurt have come a long way. Remember that Kurt was in love with Finn at the same time that Rachel was in love with Finn but Finn was with his pregnant girlfriend Quinn (who was carrying Finn’s best friend’s baby, Puck)… really complicated! Rachel is now together with Finn, she is best friends with Kurt (her previous diva rival) and Kurt and Finn are now stepbrothers. So making them swear to read their acceptance letters together makes sense, right?

Before opening their letters I got the feeling that only Rachel would get in and what happened was exactly that. Finn and Kurt do not get into Pace University and NYADA but Rachel does get in NYADA. What was really cute was them before opening the letters, trying to hold on to not knowing. In a way they were trying to hold on to each other, to their high school life, to their high school friends… but eventually you have to grow up and move on.


Going to the wedding

We are reminded again that Rachel is a star that she is something special. She got everything she wanted from high school (engaged to the football team captain, winning Nationals, being prom queen) and wants to hold on to Finn who probably reminds her from this great time in her life.

She needs to let go to reach for her dreams and Finn is setting her free. Does that mean a breakup? How are you feeling about it Finnchel fans? Finn has join the army, their future is not planned to be together, they are going to do their own thing apart.

What was really nice was all her friends and Mr. Schue and Emma being there to say goodbye to her. Rachel is devastated to be leaving but as she gets deeper and deeper in New York she is not as sad, she is excited.


What’s to come

  • Mercedes is heading to Los Angeles, she got a recording contract as a backup singer and will be taking classes in UCLA.
  • Mike is going to Chicago.
  • Santana is going to Kentucky? Oh wait, her mom (aka Gloria Estefan) gave her the savings she had for her college to use it to pursue her dream… so we are not sure were she is going yet (NY maybe).
  • Brittany has a 0.0 grade average and is going to be a senior… again.
  • Puck got a “puckerman A+” (C-) and graduates.
  • Quinn is heading to New Haven to go to Yale and wants to make sure she keeps in touch with Rachel (she gave her a map from NY to New Haven).
  • Kurt didn’t get into NYADA but is still with former Warbler Blaine.
  • Rachel got into NYADA and wanted to go there next year with Finn and Kurt but she is heading there next fall after “breaking up” with Finn.
  • Finn joins the army to try to redeem his father.
  • Tina, Artie, Sam, Sugar, Rory, Joe, Brittany and Blaine will be seniors next year.


Fun stuff from the past

  • The remake of Sit down rocking the boat
  • Single Ladies flashback Burt and Kurt (backup dancers Tina and Brittany)
  • Sue calling Quinn “Q”, like in season 1. Reminds her of a young Sue Sylvester… only better.
  • Priority #1: Help the Kids. This was so much fun, if you think about it “The Chronic Lady” is the reason why Finn join “New Directions”. The “Can’t fight this feeling” flashback and the similarity with Mr.Schue and Finn talking in his office like in the pilot.
  • Also listen to the music in the background in the scene of Finn talking to his mom… Remember it from before? And the music in the Quinn- Sue goodbye scene, you have heard that before too…

Anyhow, this episode wasn’t as great as I expected but kudos for all the reference to the earlier Glee episodes, I am sure a lot of fans appreciate it. The message was clear knowing when to hold on and when to move on and say goodbye (which most of the times is hopefully just a “see you later”). It was time for them to move on, and as much as we wanted, they can’t be in high school and together forever.

Life is not easy and not everything you plan for yourself happens just the way you want it.  You want to hold on to the life that you love and know, to the friends that you love but you can’t take them with you everywhere you go. It is time to let go, to search for oneself, to see the world… It’s time to let everyone take their own steps in the world, whatever they may be… it’s time to let go, it’s time to surrender…

So what do you think about Glee’s Goodbye? Did it live up to your expectations?

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