‘Gleekly’ Dose – “Special Education” (2.09) – Part #2

So the ´Glee´sectionals episode ´Special Education´ just aired yesterday and as always there is new material to share about it like the Behind the Scenes (Fox), other news, episode reviews, etc.

In this Part #2 of ´Special Education´we will post new stuff related to this episode, our episode review and some news (this will be until we post our ´Gleekly Dose´ – ´A Very Glee Christmas´ – Part#1 post really soon)


  • There were many surprises in this weeks episode, mainly in the relationship world… some people breaking up (Finn and Rachel), some people thinking they are being cheated on (Artie and Tina), some couples moving forward as couples (Sam and Quinn) and some people getting married (Emma and Carl)!… Yes, all these happened during “Special Education” but at the end to mayor twists remain involving two of the most important couples: Rachel and Finn break up (So Finnchel no more for now. There goes the comment the creators did at the beginning of the season saying that Finn and Rachel would be together all season long.) and Emma got married to Carl in Las Vegas (that´s a disappointment for Mr. Schue and the Wemma fans). Anyhow, here is an article discussing this and other things that happened in this episode: What was Glee´s Most Surprising Twist?

  • There is an interview with Chris Colfer on the New York Post ´Pop Wrap´. He talks about Kurt changing schools, his upcoming duet (Baby it´s cold outside), also if he would record an album and many other things. You might want to read it: Chris Colfer: I eat Kurt´s drama up like candy

  • So what happen to Sunshine Corazon? She has been MIA for almost every episode (guess it makes sense since now she in in Vocal Adrenaline). But when will she be back? Charice answers a few of this questions on a MTV interview: Charice On ´Glee´: Sunshine Corazon Is Coming Back!

Episode Review

Read our episode review: TV Watch: Glee – 2×09 – “Special Education”

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