Who is Uggie? “The Artist” dog who won us all

If you watched the Golden Globes on sunday night you probably saw Uggie, whether it was on the red carpet or receiving the award for Best Motion Picture-Musical or Comedy.

Uggie, the dog co-star from The Artist became an instant star this weekend. Being no stranger to awards (he has already won the “Palm Dog” and is already a strong contender for the first ever “Golden Collar Awards”) this was however his first Golden Globe Awards.

Uggie is a 9 year old Jack Russell terrier actor who’s credits include Mr.Fix It, Water for Elephants and now The Artist. His trainer Omar Von Muller adopted and saved him from being sent to a dog pound. When not working, Uggie lives in North Hollywood with Von Muller, his wife, his daughter, and seven other dog actors.

Uggie’s cuteness and performance has everyone wishing there was a category that awards dogs. My wish as well but we might want to include all animal actors in this too. He has even generated a facebook campaign that wishes to allow Uggie (and other animals) to be nominated in the mainstream categories. If you like to support you can join the facebook campaign or tweet using the tag #consideruggie.

The Artist first caught everyone’s attention for being silent and in black and white, which is extremely unique today with all CGI and special effects. It has been critically acclaimed and is shaping up to be a strong contender this award season. If everything goes well for The Artist this award season it might vault Uggie to the highest ranks of Hollywood dogs among the greats like Lassie, Benji and Rin Tin Tin. Good luck Uggie!

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