Our Take On: Emmy Awards 2010

It’s been more than three weeks, since the Emmy Awards, but we thought that it’s never too late to comment on television’s biggest night.

In August 29th 2010, the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles was filled with repeat winners, some new faces, and shocking surprises that made the night really exciting.

The wealth was spread all around in the comedy block where the new shows won in many different categories. The big winner was the hilarious family comedy “Modern Family”, who beat the heavily popular musical comedy “Glee”. Both shows took multiple awards that night, alongside “Mad Men”, who won best drama series, and “Breaking Bad”, who took the lead actor and supporting actor’s trophies. “Temple Grandin” dominated in the made for TV movie awards, only been defeated in writing by “You Don’t Know Jack”.

Here’s our take on the Emmy Awards:

The Awesome

  • “Modern Family” taking the big prize of best comedy was really great. After loosing the Golden Globe and Sag awards to “Glee”, we were really happy to see “Modern Family” take this prize. The show has been consistently funny throughout its freshman season.
  • Tina Fey holding Sedgwick’s Emmy was a short but hilarious moment. Tina, you’re awesome. Check the following video at 2:18.

  • The great comedy skits were extremely funny and exciting. The opening sketch featuring Jimmy Fallon with the cast of “Glee” and other recognizable actors was really well done. Although it would have been better to include more actors from different networks. Also, the “Modern Family” skit, with the special appearance by George Clooney, was totally hilarious.
  • Aaron Paul winning supporting actor in a drama series was totally deserved and was one of our favorite wins of the night. He probably should have won last year for the episode “Peekaboo”, but this year, his episode “Half Measures” had a lot of emotional impact to keep you still shocked after finishing watching the episode.

  • Jim Parsons taking the Emmy was the sweetest victory of the night. We believe he is probably one of the funniest actors in television and Sheldon Cooper is one of the most unique characters in sitcom history. Congratulations!
  • Best proof that episode submissions matter: Kyra Sedgwick probably didn’t have the buzz that Julianna Margulies had, but she sent the best tape with the episode “Maternal Instincts”. She was funny, sad, vulnerable, and angry, and acted alongside her real life daughter, who played her niece. The scene where she pretended to be the mother of the boy that was shot was powerful and emotional.
  • Favorite Speech: Eric Stonestreet was really humble during his speech. He thanked his castmates and the writers, mentioned the story about wanting to become a clown (coincidentally the episode he sent was about “Fizbo, the clown”), and ended his speech by thanking his mom and dad. It was a really sweet speech. Eric Stonestreet no only had a killer episode in “Fizbo”, where he dressed as a clown with an attitude, but he benefited heavily from the airtime he got from his costars’ tapes. In the other tapes, he was worried to leave his baby daughter Lily alone to sleep and got to sing during Mitchell’s pigeon attach.

The Surprising

Archie Panjabi winning best supporting actress in a drama series was probably a shocking moment during the night, but a really good moment. This is the type of surprise that it´s really well received. Award shows always need a big surprise to keep the night not too predictable. Also, the voters got to reward one of the most interesting characters this last season,  a character who does not have this explosive moments that often award shows like to honor.

The Good, but wish it could have been someone else

  • “Mad Men” is not our kind of show, but we understand why it’s critically acclaimed from viewers. Although it’s still deserving of its win, it still would have been nice to reward another show like “Dexter”, “Lost” or “The Good Wife”, which had strong seasons. There’s always next years, except for “Lost” (though it won in 2005 for its first season).
  • Lead Actor in a Drama Series was probably the most difficult category to predict, because all the nominees had strong episodes. Bryan Cranston had a strong tape, but after winning the last two years, it would have been better to give the award to someone else like Michael C. Hall for “Dexter” or Hugh Laurie for “House”.

The Boring

All the movie-miniseries categories been televised very late during the telecast made the show’s second half not really that exciting. Most viewers, like us, watch the Emmy Award for the TV show’s categories of drama and comedy. It probably would haven been better to present comedy first, then movie-miniseries, and then drama, so the excitement could be spread throughout the whole ceremony.

The Disappointing

“Lost” not winning any awards was truly disappointing. We would have like to see it win in at least directing for the finale.

The Host

Jimmy Fallon was a good host. The introductions to the different genres were creative and mostly fun. The musical homage to “24”, “Law and Order”, and “Lost”, was really funny. But the tweets used to introduce some presenters were boring and didn’t work as we expected.

What did you think of the Emmy Awards 2010? What did you like and didn’t like? What was your favorite moment?

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